Can I use my car for business activities and still be covered?

Last Updated: 18 Oct 2022

Your Car Insurance policy can cover some business activities, but does not cover the car being used in any of the below circumstances. If you use your car in any of these ways, you may need business vehicle insurance instead.

Courier or delivery work

Being paid to deliver goods, including food delivery services like UberEats, Delivereasy or Menulog.

Servicing business

Using your car for a business that involves installation, maintenance or repairs, such as for appliances, electrical, plumbing, glazing or commercial cleaning.

Driving instructor services

Using your car for private, for-profit driving lessons.

To carry fare-paying passengers

Using your car for taxi or ridesharing services like Uber, Zoomy, Ola or similar (except for private, not-for-profit carpooling - like driving a friend somewhere and splitting the cost of petrol).

To cover your business vehicle, you will need to apply for an ASB Business Insurance policy.

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