Customers benefit from fresh ASB Financial Wellbeing innovation

28 March 2022

ASB’s new online and in-app Financial Wellbeing Hub have been designed to help give more New Zealanders the tools and insights they need to enhance their financial wellbeing.

Uncertainty over finances can be a significant cause of stress for many households. ASB is committed to helping more Kiwis improve their personal financial wellbeing by providing free saving, spending and budgeting tips and tools via its online and in-app Financial Wellbeing Hub.

The Hub aims to make financial wellbeing accessible, easy to understand and follow. Online support tackles some the most common everyday money challenges people face, including:

  • Tips for smarter spending habits
  • Setting aside emergency savings
  • Setting a savings goal
  • Easy ways to budget

The in-app Hub can help more customers understand their financial behaviours and empower them with insights and advice to improve their financial wellbeing.

While the in-app tools can be used in any order, ASB’s Financial Wellbeing quiz is a great place for customers to gain insight into their money habits. The quiz asks 10 simple questions and has been designed in partnership with the University of Melbourne.

On completion, customers get a financial wellbeing score of between 1 and 100 to help them understand their current financial wellbeing.

The Hub can also help customers reach their goals with its Savings Goal planner. The planner lets customers identify what they want to save for, how much they want to save and by when.

Accessing the in-app Financial Wellbeing Hub is straightforward. Customers with latest version of ASB’s mobile app installed can login into the app, search Financial Wellbeing in the app’s menu, and explore the tools available.

The online and in-app Financial Wellbeing Hub demonstrate ASB’s commitment to accelerating financial wellbeing by helping more Kiwis, no matter where they’re at in life, get on top of their money.

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