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We're thrilled to bring you ASB Good as Gold - an initiative to celebrate and reward amazing Kiwis.

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David Curtis

Life isn't always easy, but this week's ASB Good as Gold winner, David Curtis, refuses to give up. Seven years ago David, a passionate musician, beat cancer, only for it to return recently. This time it left him unable to work or do the thing he loves, play music. But he and his devoted wife, Fiona, were determined to fight, putting everything they had towards his self-funded treatment. As David says 'The other option is not an option'. The treatment is working and David was able to play a few songs with his old band at a fundraiser for him. We thought David and his family’s resilience deserved some recognition. We've given them $10,000 to help with the battle.

Mel and Del Rameka

Sometimes a kind heart is contagious. Mel and Del Rameka first met when he was mentored by her parents. Now, the pair are continuing that legacy, having devoted their lives to giving the kids of Kaikohe a better chance in life. Watch as we award this week's ASB Good as Gold winners for all of their kindness over the years.

Jason Lunn

Jase Lunn from Tauranga is a man with a van and a heart of gold. 3 years ago, he started a journey to help himself by helping others in his community. Collecting toys for kids at Christmas or matching up donated furniture, whiteware, and other household goods with people who need them, Jase is always on the go. We stopped him in his tracks briefly when Hilary Barry sprang an ASB Good as Gold surprise on him. Jase – we love your work!

Ritchie and Rochelle Williams

This week's ASB Good as Gold winners, Ritchie and Rochelle Williams of Hastings are true super heroes, they’re even known as 'the dynamic duo'. Before Ritchie & Rochelle became the coach and manager of the St John 1st XV rugby team, the team hadn't won a game in 8 years! For many of the 1st XV, it's not just what the Williams have done for them on the field, it’s what they've done off it. They’ve brought out the best in each player, helped them bond and really work together. Until recently, Ritchie was coaching but he’s had to take a step back as he’s battling cancer for the third time. Ritchie and Rochelle give so much, we wanted to give back to them for once.

Derek Craig

"There are lots of Harry's out there, so there’s lots of other people that need a hand, so if somebody can see what we’ve done and do the same, that’s job done." This week's ASB Good is Gold is Derek Craig, a builder and designer based in Cromwell who has a massive heart and is not afraid to get in and help people when the need arises. We heard about Derek’s latest amazing project and what incredible things he does for the local community and had to surprise him with something special.

Sarah Page

"If everybody spent their lives doing stuff for other people, New Zealand would be a much better place." When we heard about The Kindness Collective, we knew we needed to surprise the amazing founder Sarah with an ASB Good As Gold reward. The Kindness Collective helps families at the local Women’s Refuges, and others in the community who need a little extra help. Thank you Sarah, for inspiring us to do better.

Zac Morton & Matthys Wessels

True mates stand by one another through thick and thin, and few have proved that more than this week’s ASB Good as Gold winners, Zac and Matthys. At only 16, these Whakatane boys have been helping their mate Jacob as he lives with Duchene Muscular Dystrophy, leaving him with severe muscle weakness and confined to a wheelchair. Jacob has started playing Powerchair Football, and with Zac and Matthys’ support, he is set to represent NZ in Sydney this October. We wanted to make sure the pair could travel alongside Jacob and support him in person.

Genevieve Rorke

Meet Whatawhata's one woman support team, Genevieve Rorke. Whether it is raising funds for a new school library, providing free catering for school camps or starting a cafe so that her community had a hub for people to meet in, Genevieve has done it all…and just keeps on helping. The families of Whatawhata thought she deserved to be recognised for her selfless nature, and that’s why she's this week's ASB Good as Gold winner.

Sione Mavae

This week's ASB Good as Gold winner Sione Mavae is hardworking, humble and always thinking of others. He and his family have definitely had a run of very bad luck with health issues and a terrible work accident, so we wanted to take a moment to put a smile back on his face.

Alison Douglas

Alison Douglas from Levin is one of a kind. Having gone through numerous heath battles over the last few years, Alison powers on regardless of the pain. A hard worker, she thinks nothing of stepping in to do double shift if someone calls in sick – yet she is the really sick one. We think she needs some good news in her life, which is why she’s this week's ASB Good as Gold Winner.

Andrew Good

Undaunted by the challenges of living with his own Type 1 diabetes, Andrew Good leads the Diabetes Youth Camp helping diabetic kids to safely push themselves, gain independence and not be defined by their disease.

Budgie McIlroy

Budgie McIlroy is known is the Angel of Tolaga Bay. For many years, she has worked as a carer in the district but Budgie has taken caring to new heights.

Joelene Busby

Pataua South local Joelene Busby is one of the most humble and selfless human beings you’ll ever meet. Aunty Joe (as she’s known) is passionate about reconnecting children with their Māori culture and educating them in the cultural mores of Māoridom.

The Davies

"You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have". For the Davies family of Tapanui, never a truer statement was made. The Davies family are a very caring, loving family, who’ve managed to continue to help the community they love even while going through their son Jock’s battle with leukaemia.

Trish Andrews

Our very first ASB Good as Gold for 2019 is the one and only Trish Andrews aka 'Mrs Graffiti' from Timaru. Trish is a local hero delivering Meals on Wheels, being part of the Community Watch and helping keep Timaru graffiti free.

Jackie Passi

ASB Good as Gold recipient, Jackie Passi is one heck of a woman! She's a teacher and dean at Waitakere College, but it’s her after school work that she does with Pillars, Tula’I Pasifika and many other organisations that makes her truly incredible.

Beula Thomas

We have all known sadness. This week's ASB Good as Gold recipient, Beula Thomas, has had more than her fair share but she's used her experiences to help others with her charity Brave Hearts – making gift bags for parents in Wellington's Neonatal Intensive Care Units.

Afife Harris

Meet this week's ASB Good as Gold recipient, Afife Harris of Dunedin. Afife is a force of nature, tireless in her passion and determination to help people new to New Zealand settle into her adopted homeland. Watch us as we give her the surprise of her life!

Noel Kelly

Not all superheroes wear capes, sometimes it's the unassuming neighbour who is the biggest hero of them all. Meet this week's ASB Good as Gold winner, Noel Kelly, a 94 year old superhero who doesn't wear a cape.

Pera Barrett

With the red jumper, the beard (although it needs to turn white), and delivering thousands of gifts a year, Pera Barrett is Wellington's very own Santa. Pera is the driving force behind Wellington Shoebox Christmas, an initiative that delivers Christmas presents to kids in schools and Women's Refuge centres who might otherwise go without. He started delivering the presents to one school and now delivers to 35 schools in the Wellington region. Watch as we surprise him with his own bit of ASB Good as Gold magic.

Leah Stewart

Get ready to be introduced to one incredible young woman! Leah Stewart is one of the kindest and most selfless young women you will ever meet. At just 23, she has been helping for years to care for her best friend Alicia, who has Cerebral Palsy and is confined to a wheelchair. With Leah's support and motivation; Alicia has challenged the boundaries of her physical abilities, from bungee jumping to world travel.

Gale Gordon

Gale Gordon has one of the biggest hearts in the Bay of Plenty community. Over the years Gale has looked after 52 children, while also bringing up her own 4 children. She also looks after everyone from young mothers to the elderly.

Lauren Hope

Lauren Hope lives her life inspiring the students of Ngunguru School to care for our planet with her Earth Ed programme. Now, as she faces her own struggle with Motor Neurone disease, her students and her community want to show her how much she is cared for. They asked us to help.

Rua Hagan

Netball is more than a game to this week's ASB Good as Gold winner, Rua Hagan. For the last 30+ years, Rua has been coaching netball in Dunedin, bringing people, young and old together and making them believe in themselves. Watch as we surprise her with a little ASB Good as Gold magic.

Marina Theron

A few years ago at 15, Marina broke her neck, resulting in her becoming paralyzed from the chest down. Through all of this, Marina's positive spirit, courage and determination to recover has meant that she's made improvements that no one ever thought possible. Watch as we surprise her with a little ASB Good as Gold magic.

Clive Gregory

Clive Gregory is a legend within the Great Barrier Island community. He's that person that if you ever need a favour or help, he'll drop everything to be there. He's also the type of bloke that always says 'no thanks required'. Well we reckon he deserves a giant thank you and that's why he's this week's ASB Good as Gold.

Dinnie Moeahu

Achieving your fitness goals is one thing, but doing it for a great cause is something else. Dinnie Moeahu is one, incredible man who's been training from scratch to compete in the 2019 NZ Ironman and has his sights set on raising $80,000 for the Little Fighters Trust - a trust which raises money for families with a child or parent suffering life threatening illnesses

Donna Sharp

A mother's love means everything when you are battling illness and young Lucy Sharp knows this more than most. Watch as we surprise Lucy's mum, Donna, with a little ASB Good as Gold magic to help Lucy thank her Mum.

Verona Mitchell

This week's ASB Good as Gold recipient is Mosgiel vet, Verona Mitchell. Verona donates her time, money and energy to help the Animal Rescue Centre in Dunedin, whilst working 6 days a week, and on call 24/7, in her own veterinarian practice. She has treated well over 2000 rescue animals since she volunteered her services. Watch us surprise her with a little ASB Good as Gold love in return for all her loving care!

Nick Tuiali'I

A man of great heart and mana, Nick Tuiali'I is this week's ASB Good as Gold recipient. He has dedicated his life to caring for the students of Mount Roskill Grammar and the local community. After a lifetime of giving, we thought it was time for his generosity to be returned.

Jani Alexander

Parents will do anything to ensure their kids have the best start in life! This rings true for this week's ASB Good as Gold winner, Jani Alexander whose young daughter Lily was born with a rare genetic condition. To ensure that she has the best chance in life Jani has been on a mission to raise money for Lily's school, Woodlands Park, to support Lily and all the other kids that need extra support.

Donna Collins

She's been to Sierra Leone to help with the outbreak of Ebola, Bangladesh for the refugee crisis and recently got back from Tonga after it was hit by the devastating tropical cyclone Gita. Donna Collins is an amazing woman who does as much as she can for other people. Not only does she work as a registered nurse/midwife at the Northland District Health Board, she also works as a nurse/midwife for the International Red Cross.

Jill Hann

This week's ASB Good as Gold winner is Jill Hann, who started 'Need for a Feed', a community dinner initiative in Kaikoura for anyone that would like it. We agree with the locals that Kaikoura is extra special because of her giving and generous heart.

John and Jolene Guyton

Reporoa couple, John and Jolene Guyton are not only parents to six kids and owners of a demanding dairy farm, but the pair provide unwavering support to their local primary school making sure the students and teachers have everything they need. To reward them for their work in the community we surprised John and Jolene with $10,000 to go towards a special family holiday.

Hayley Minturn

This week's ASB Good as Gold winner is Hayley Minturn, an incredible 16 year old St Cuthbert's College student. Hayley set up Blankets on Beds (BOB) in 2014 when she was just 11 years old. She collects and supplies blankets, bedding and other essentials to De Paul House Emergency Housing and Family Support, to help them support families experiencing hardship. Watch as we surprise Hayley with a little ASB Good as Gold magic.

Alisha Taylor

A picture (or in this case a photo) is worth a thousand words. This week's ASB Good as Gold - Isolation edition winner is photographer Alisha Taylor of Tauranga. During Alert Level 4, Alisha has been using her daily walks in her local neighbourhood to capture bubble portraits on doorsteps (from the required social distance, of course), which she emails to the families, who in turn make a donation to her chosen charity, the Tauranga Foodbank. As of this week, she has helped raised over $3,500 and families have had a reason to dress up and get a picture taken during this future historic moment. #frontstepsproject

Darryl Evans

In his position as CEO of Mangere Budgeting Services, this week's ASB Good as Gold winner, Darryl Evans, has been supporting and battling for those in the community who are struggling to make ends meet for over twenty years. During Covid-19 lockdown alone, he and his MBS team provided around 15,000 food parcels to those in need. Always going above and beyond, we thought it was time Darryl was recognised for all his wonderful work with some Good as Gold magic!

Bex Sarginson

This week's ASB Good as Gold winner, Bex Sarginson, has a heart of gold! Bex is the chief organiser of a fabulous Wanaka initiative called Food for Love. Bex and her team of volunteers cook and deliver meals to members of the community who are unwell or handling difficult times. Normally, Bex likes to fly under the radar, but her Wanaka admirers thought it was about time she was the centre of attention!

Sue and Wayne Porteous

Sometimes life can be challenging. This week’s ASB Good as Gold winners, Taupo couple Sue and Wayne Porteous know this all too well. It’s been a rough few years for the couple with a cancer battle and their house burning to the ground among other things. We thought we’d help change this around a little with an ASB Good as Gold surprise.

Melissa Atama

Clendon’s Melissa Atama is our first ASB Good as Gold winner for 2020. Melissa saw that her South Auckland community was struggling with graffiti, litter, and social issues and knew she had to take action. She set up the Clendon Pride Project, which started out cleaning up and beautifying the suburb and now, 3 years later provides a raft of services to empower those in her community to help themselves and others. Watch as we surprise Melissa with a little ASB Good as Gold magic.

Rob Kirkwood

When 12 year old Milly wrote a beautiful ASB Good as Gold nomination for her dad Rob Kirkwood, we had to follow up! Rob has had to be both mum and dad to Milly and her brother and sister, after his beloved wife and the kids' treasured mum, Paula, passed away from cancer. Milly wanted to let Rob know what a wonderful Dad he was and how much they appreciated him. We were delighted to help with this and surprised Rob with some ASB Good as Gold magic.

Kim Steffert

Everybody needs a Kim Steffert in their community. Lucky Porangahau already has one. This week’s ASB Good as Gold winner, Kim, does everything from running a community garden, opening her to home for Kaumatua gatherings and monthly medicals checks for the elderly, to ensuring people can get to medical appointments in the Red Cross van. She truly is the community jewel. Watch as we surprise the very modest Kim with a little bit of ASB Good as Gold magic.

Gayle and Gary Dickson

During lockdown, we are running a special weekly ‘Isolation Edition’ of ASB Good as Gold. Our first winners are Gayle and Gary Dickson of Matamata. Since lockdown Gayle and Gary have been shopping for, and delivering groceries to, Matamata’s elderly and others unable to shop themselves. Super shopper, Gayle, does over a dozen people’s shopping a day and Gary then delivers it to them.

Murton Family

Meet the incredible Murton family of Whitby, this week’s ASB Good as Gold – Isolation Edition winners. Rebecca and her kids normally visit their local Bupa Resthome every Thursday, to the delight of both the residents and kids. When the COVID-19 lockdown was put in place, the residents were worried they would miss out on these visits. But the family has made passing the home part of their family walk and have been turning up with cards and messages to show their friends from a safe social distance outside the rest home. Watch as we give the Murtons a little Good as Gold surprise!

Jossh Elton, Joe Helu, Graham Grant, Leighton Taniwha and Alice Finlayson

One Palmerston North flat is using lockdown for good, powering through 1000 laps of their driveway to raise money for their local hospice – Arohanui Hospice. This week’s ASB Good as Gold – Isolation edition winners, Jossh Elton, Joe Helu, Graham Grant, Leighton Taniwha and Alice Finlayson organised the ‘Driveway 1000’ with Jossh, Joe and Graham running laps of their driveway while Leighton MC’d online and Alice oversaw their well-being. They ran over 50kms in seven hours raising over $9,000. Great work team! We gave $5000 in their names to the Arohanui Hospice as their prize.

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