Revolving credit facility

As your business or farm grows, financial needs can change. A revolving credit facility can assist with managing cash flow and help the business take advantage of new opportunities with ongoing access to the funding you need.

Benefits at a glance

  • Minimise your interest costs by using your income to lower your loan balance.
  • Draw down, repay and redraw funds at any time, within your credit limit.
  • Only pay interest on the funds you use.
  • Credit balances earn interest at the Business Call Rates.
  • Access your funds anytime by ATM, EFTPOS, internet banking, phone banking and ASB branches.

Is it right for my business?

A revolving credit facility is the next step up from an overdraft and works well if you have suitable security (property or business assets) and want to maintain a larger ongoing credit limit to suit the size of your business or farm.

Key features

A revolving credit facility is like a complete banking package that provides an all-in-one cheque account, call account (savings), overdraft and lending facility. We have three options you can consider, depending on your business or farming needs.

Flexible Finance Facility

A Flexible Finance Facility is designed to help small to medium sized businesses (where residential property is the main security) with things like cash flow fluctuations.

Commercial Credit Facility

A Commercial Credit Facility could be an option if your business has larger funding requirements. It’s designed to help larger businesses simplify funding into one facility that can be accessed and repaid at any point.

Rural Credit Facility

High cash flow requirements and seasonal demands are part of life on the farm. If you have larger funding requirements a Rural Credit Facility could help you smooth out the ups and downs, and plan ahead.

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