ASB launches a big Plus for businesses

30 October 2017 / Published in Tech & Innovation

Let’s talk about you for a minute.  You're a busy business owner, juggling a million different things at once. You’ve got your tech stuff mostly sorted; you are hooked up to Xero, you have Shopify integrated into your e-commerce website and Vend is all go for your retail POS systems. Tick, tick, tick. But despite all that, you feel like you need better information to help you run your business efficiently. No matter who you bank with.

The team behind ASB Business Ventures has spent the last two years tackling just that problem with the help of the Venturers business innovation community, and are excited to be launching Plus by ASB today. Plus is a clever new mobile app which aims to save small business owners valuable hours in their day by providing daily actionable insights on how their business is doing. So for example, you’ll be able to see your top sales day last week, plus tick off admin tasks like approving invoices – all done from Plus while you are waiting for your morning caffeine fix.

Plus by ASB

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Established a year ago, the like-minded Kiwi business owners participating in Venturers pressure tested Plus and helped shape the direction of the app, while addressing the pain points common to many business owners.  This collaborative approach with some exciting NZ businesses like The Cat Lounge, Double Dutch Fries, Taylor Boutique and Chaos & Harmony meant that the ASB team was able to develop Plus in an agile, iterative fashion.

This first release of Plus is aimed at retailers and small to medium-sized businesses that use Xero alongside point of sale software Vend or the Shopify online store. And importantly, it is a free open platform which means anyone can use it, regardless of who they bank with.

Steve Jurkovich, Executive General Manager Business Banking says "We know how busy small business owners are and we're excited to offer this new tool which makes it easier to see what’s going on and to make smart business decisions, on-the-go,”

"Businesses using Plus tell us they feel more in control of the numbers and they are not always on the phone asking their accountant about cash flows and invoices.

“This means they can get on with what they do best, knowing the tools they need admin-wise are easily available on Plus 24-hours a day.”

To find out more or to register your interest for future updates, go to Plus by ASB: addplus.co.nz


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