4 time-saving financial admin tips

10 July 2015 / Published in Your Money

Managing your finances can be a time-consuming task – one that’s hard to fit into a busy life. Here at ASB we want to make things easier for you, especially when it comes to managing your money, so we’ve got a few time-saving financial admin tips for you.

1. PIN your card online
When your new card arrives in the mail, you probably want to use it straight away. Rather than going into a branch to PIN your new card, you can PIN it in FastNet Classic or the ASB Mobile app. In FastNet Classic you can do this in the My Settings menu and on the ASB Mobile app you can do this in Card Control.

2. Temporarily lock your card
When you experience the panic of losing a card, your first instinct is probably to get the bank to cancel it. Now instead of cancelling it straight away, only to go through the frustration of finding it later, you can temporarily lock your card using Card Control in the ASB Mobile app. Card Control also offers a range of other features, such as turning off Visa payWave, the ability to withdraw cash from an ATM and the ability to make online transactions. You can even set a per transaction spending limit.

3. Use ASB Mobile quick balance
When you’re on the go, you want to do things as quickly as possible. Setting up quick balance on the ASB Mobile app means you’ve got access to your bank account balance in a matter of seconds. The option to see your quick balance shows on the ASB Mobile app login screen, meaning you can check your balance before you log in. To set up quick balance log in to the app, then go to Settings > General > Quick Balance.

4. Set up automatic payments

Setting up automatic payments is one of the best time-saving tricks out there. Whether your payments are weekly, fortnightly or monthly you’re spending a lot of time manually paying the bill, even if you are doing it online. Setting up automatic payments for your recurring bills will save you a great deal of time. You can set up automatic payments in FastNet Classic.

Make sure you’re signed up to FastNet Classic and have downloaded the ASB Mobile app to use these tips. 

FastNet Classic and Mobile Banking terms and conditions apply. Fees may apply.


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