Visa IntelliLink® Spend Management

Online expense management for ASB Visa Business that provides visibility of your organisation's credit card spend. It gives you the control, efficiency and flexibility your business needs.

Benefits at a glance

  • Quick and efficient access to expense data and flexible reporting
  • Eliminate paper and reduce manual processes and costs
  • Seamless integration with your business applications
  • Gain valuable insights to support business spend decisions
  • Customisable to your organisational needs

How it works

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Visa IntelliLink® works with your ASB Visa Business credit card facility to create a comprehensive online transaction reporting and spend management system.

Typically, it’s best suited for customers who have at least 10 cards or an annual credit card spend greater than $100,000. Visa IntelliLink® will help you achieve visibility and control over business spend, and improve efficiencies by streamlining your expense management operating processes.

Your card data is automatically captured every day and a suite of flexible reporting and analytical tools allow you to use this information to take control of your organisation’s spending. You can implement centralised spending policies, identifying areas where you can reduce costs and make better purchasing decisions.

Achieving visibility

  • Access top line or drilled down reports at any time, with exception reporting options based on individual spend or compliance triggers.
  • Manage your business operations and cash flow processes with data that helps you identify where you can reduce costs and use your capital more wisely.
  • Import Visa IntelliLink® data to other internal or external business applications to streamline reporting across your business.

Taking control

  • Get a complete view of your employee’s transactions, with insights into the what, when and where they're spending.
  • You can implement centralised corporate spend policies through your employees’ ASB Visa Business cards.
  • The information and data you need for cost management available any time.

Improve efficiencies

  • Streamline and automate your expense management operating processes.
  • Leverage your Visa IntelliLink® spend data to rationalise your supplier base and negotiate better terms.
  • Provide time savings to all levels of your organisation with a quick and simple reconciliation process.

Key Features

Work with up to date data

Visa IntelliLink® receives a daily feed of your ASB Visa Business data, providing a complete picture of individual expenses and purchases.

Secure data storage

Visa IntelliLink® is a secure web-based platform. All your information is safely stored, reducing the risk of data or reports being lost.

One simple platform

Being a web-based platform there are no hardware or software installations, no special system requirements and upgrades are automatic.

Dedicated support

ASB will work closely with your organisation to ensure implementation is fast and efficient with support on hand to help you get the most out of Visa IntelliLink®.

Customise to suit your needs

Visa IntelliLink® is designed to be tailored to your accounting needs and corporate spend policies.

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