Online EFTPOS and ASB Mobile

Prefer to shop online but don't have a credit or debit card? With Online EFTPOS you can purchase from some of New Zealand's favourite websites using only your mobile with the ASB Mobile banking app.

Benefits at a glance

  • Confirm every purchase on your mobile
  • All you need is an ASB account with your ASB mobile app
  • Pay from your ASB account, instantly
  • Spend up to $5,000 a day online, with no minimum amount
  • Secure, fast and operated by Paymark, the payments network

How Online EFTPOS works

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1. Before you start

1. Check you have the latest version of the ASB Mobile banking app.

2. Turn on "Receive payment requests" in your Settings.

3. Ensure you are Netcode verified within the ASB Mobile banking app.

4. Ensure your shopping site offers Online EFTPOS. You should see "Pay by Online EFTPOS" as a payment option.

2. Use your mobile phone to pay in two quick steps

1. On the site, select "Pay by Online EFTPOS" and enter your mobile number. Your mobile will receive a notification, asking you to confirm payment.

2. In the ASB Mobile banking app open the notification and follow the confirmation at the same time.

Is my transaction secure?

Yes, your transactions are always secure. You get to confirm every payment yourself within the ASB Mobile banking app. If you have logged in with fingerprint authentication, we will ask you to confirm your payment with your PIN/password.

Offering online EFTPOS for your online store or charity

Reach customers who don't want to use credit or debit cards, and receive cleared payments instantly.

Online EFTPOS gives your customers or donors a secure, fast and easy option designed specifically for online, mobile or remote payments. It delivers you payment certainty and lower fees than credit card payments.

  • Expand your market reach and online payment options. More than one million New Zealanders use the internet but don't have a credit card or choose not to use one online.
  • Accept payments to the value of $5,000.
  • Reduce your cost of sales. Paymark can offer Online EFTPOS at a flat fee based on monthly transaction volume.
  • Reduce online payment fraud without compromising customer experience. Online EFTPOS payments are secure and can't be reversed.
  • Offer secure remote payments via phone, email or even chat-bot customer interactions (for approved merchants and charities)
  • Upgrade your Online EFTPOS experience with the AutoPay "one click" option for repeat and impulse purchase customers (for approved merchants and charities)

How Online EFTPOS works

Our integration with Paymark's Online EFTPOS API provides a secure connection with the participating merchant, and enables the customer who is making purchases to use their ASB Mobile Banking app to securely approve (or decline) a payment request.

Other participating banks have also set up integrations with Paymark to enable them to process Online EFTPOS payments when their customers make online purchases from your business.

See Paymark's website for more information.

Info you need to know

  • Online EFTPOS payments are not covered by card scheme protection for your customers, which means once the payment has been authorised it is final and irrevocable. ASB customers that use Online EFTPOS are covered by the same fraud protection service offered with their online banking.

  • Payments must be authorised within a certain timeframe (four minutes for ASB customers) to complete the purchase.

  • Each payment is currently restricted to a daily limit maximum of $5,000 set by the bank. Other participating banks have also set daily limits.

  • This service can only be used by online customers who have a transaction account and can approve a payment using their mobile banking app.

  • Businesses will need to engage and sign up with Paymark in order to enable Online EFTPOS as an online payment option.

  • ASB (and other participating banks) provide the payments infrastructure for the payment requests to be presented in their mobile banking app and processed for approval back to the participating business.

Adding Online EFTPOS to your online checkout

To find out how Online EFTPOS can work for you, call your Paymark Business Account Manager on 0800 PAYMARK (0800 729 627) or email support@paymark.co.nz

Your Online EFTPOS merchant agreement will be with Paymark, not ASB. You don't need to have your business banking with ASB Bank to be able to accept Online EFTPOS payments.

Contact ASB or Paymark

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Contact Paymark

Interested in using Online EFTPOS on your website? Get in touch with Paymark to get started.

0800 PAYMARK (0800 729 627) support@paymark.co.nz

Visit the Paymark website

Take a look at the website to find out more about Online EFTPOS and Paymark.

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