Tools to help your 9-10-year-old kid to be cash clever

Now's a great time for your child to start setting some saving goals. What's their big dream? Talk to them today, you might be surprised!


Set a goal

Talk to your child about a long term goal they might have. A new skateboard? Do they want to start saving for their first smart phone? Knowing what you want makes saving a lot easier.

It's also a good time to talk about your family goals. Is it time for a family holiday or a new TV? What about a trip to the movies? Try setting a goal you can all work towards.

Check out our Family Goal resource to set your family goal today.


Easy and creative ways to help your child earn their own money

Is your child keen to start earning their own money? While it's a good goal, it can seem like a big task!

There are actually plenty of options for kids to get started. They could offer their services to do yard work, dog walking or taking out the wheelie bins for the neighbourhood. They might already have an interest like baking or busking which they could use to earn money.

If your child isn't quite ready to handle a job by themselves, it's totally OK for a family member to go with them, until they build up their confidence.

Help your child set up their business using our Business Plan.


Make goal setting fun

When your child sets a goal, it's good to create a reminder of it around the house.

Here are some ideas:

  • Have your child draw a picture of themselves enjoying their goal in the future
  • Make a collage of pictures together showing their goal and what it would be like to reach it
  • List all the family's goals on a board, and encourage each other to reach them

Your child might have some great ideas of their own, too. The more they’re involved, the more excited and motivated they'll be.

Breaking big goals into smaller steps is always a good idea. Could you create a chart which shows all the milestones your child needs to reach to achieve their final goal? As they reach each step, they can have the satisfaction of putting up a sticker or crossing it off.

Track goals with our helpful goal tracker.

Resources for you and your 9-10-year-old

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