Market Commentary Quarter September 2017

ASB Investment Funds

Market Commentary Quarter Sep 2017 - ASB Investment Funds
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Market commentary by Chris Tennent- Brown, Senior Wealth Economist from ASB. View the latest update on shares, the share market, income assets and investment assets for quarter ending 30 September 2017.

Disclosures and disclaimers

Interests in ASB Investment Funds are issued by ASB Group Investments Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of ASB Bank Limited (ASB). ASB provides administration and distribution services for ASB Investment Funds. No person guarantees interests in ASB Investment Funds. Interests in ASB Investment Funds are not deposits or other liabilities of ASB. They are subject to investment risk, including possible loss of income and principal invested. For more information see the ASB Investment Fund Product Disclosure Statement available from this website and the register of offers of financial products at www.business.govt.nz (search for ASB Investment Funds).

The market information in this market review is based on information obtained from sources believed to be reliable and accurate at the time of preparation, but the accuracy and completeness of the information is not guaranteed. The information in this market review does not constitute personalised advice. Investors should seek independent investment advice. None of Public Trust, ASB Group Investments Limited, ASB Bank Limited, their related companies or their directors, board members, officers or employees accept any liability whatsoever for any direct or indirect loss or damage of any kind arising out of the use of, or reliance on, the market information provided in this market review.

ASBMarket Commentary Quarter Sep 2017 - ASBIF