GO Home Loan interest rates and fees

These interest rates and fees are for GO Home Loans where ASB Bank Limited is the lender.

Home loan interest rates

Min 20% equity

Interest Rate
6 month
12 month
18 month
24 month
36 month
48 month
60 month
Floating Rate (Variable)

ASB Better Homes Top Up

(Eligibility criteria apply)

Fixed for 36 months

Back My Build Floating Rate

(closed to new applications)

     Rates are current as at

ASB Better Homes Top Up Rate: Available for existing ASB home loan customers for up to $80,000, to make eligible improvements and purchases. For full ASB Better Homes Top Up eligibility criteria, please click here.

Floating Rate (Variable): Interest is debited either fortnightly or monthly (as determined by the borrower). 

Fixed term rates: After a fixed term interest rate expires the Floating Rate (Variable) will apply plus/minus any applicable margins.

General conditions that apply to all interest rates: Interest rates are subject to change at any time without prior notice. ASB's lending criteria, terms and fees apply. An early repayment adjustment may apply if you break an existing fixed interest rate period. Loans for business purposes are excluded.

Low Equity Margin (LEM)

For loans with less than 20% equity a Low Equity Margin may apply.

An LEM is an additional interest amount that is added to your interest rate, it applies when you borrow more than 80% of your property's value. The actual LEM charged depends on the loan to value ratio (LVR) which is calculated as total borrowings divided by the total value of the security property. The LEM for each LVR band is set out in the table below.

Further details are available by calling our customer care team on 0800 500 174 (+64 9 487 9994 international) 8:30am - 5:30pm Monday - Friday.

Low Equity Margin Bands

Loan to value ratio (LVR)

     Margins are current as at

At any time six months after the date of initial drawdown you may request a reduction or removal, as the case may be, of the Low Equity Margin applicable to a facility. We can choose whether or not to approve your request. We will determine such request on the basis of your applicable LVR at the date of such request. To make such determination we may require you to provide us with a current registered valuation of the relevant property or properties at your expense.

We will periodically review your Low Equity Margin against your LVR to ensure it is still applicable to your Facility. We may change your Low Equity Margin to a lower margin in accordance with our Low Equity Margin Bands or remove the Low Equity Margin entirely if it no longer applies based on your LVR.

We will notify you in writing of any change to, or removal of, your Low Equity Margin as the case may be.

Default interest rate

If at any time the amount owing under your home loan exceeds the agreed account limit. The interest will be calculated daily on the amount in excess of the agreed limit or agreed reducing facility limit, at the facility's applicable interest rate plus 5.00% p.a. until paid in full and will be charged on the normal instalment due date.

Home loan fees

Loan application fee

Adviser Application Fee.

Your Adviser may charge you a separate loan application fee. This amount varies and may be added to your loan amount. We will pass this amount on to your Adviser.

Alterations to security fee

When you request one of the following: 

  • the partial release or substitution of the security property
  • a transfer of ownership with a new mortgage required
  • a transfer of ownership to a trust or company
  • a transfer of ownership with a new party to the title
  • a land title change with a new mortgage required

Change parties to loan agreement or owners on title fee

When you request one of the following:

  • the addition of a new party to the loan facility (but not changing the land ownership)
  • the transfer of a loan facility to a new party (but not changing the land ownership)
  • the transfer of a land title releasing an owner
  • retirement/appointment of a trustee (when no new mortgage is required)

Registrations affecting land titles fee

When you request one of the following that affects the land title:

  • Deposit of unit plan
  • Easement
  • Encumbrance
  • Subdivision or cross lease (with no new mortgage required)
  • Variation of lease

Priorities fee

When you request one of the following:

  • changes to the Memorandum of Priority
  • registration of subsequent charges
  • deeds of priority or subordination

Settlement statement fee

When we receive a request from your solicitor for a settlement statement as part of releasing your mortgage.

Urgent request fee

Urgent requests incur an additional fee. You can make an urgent request for the following:

  • Change parties to loan agreement or owners on title
  • Registrations affecting land titles
  • Priorities
  • Settlement statement

Early Repayment Adjustment (ERA) cost

When you have a home loan on a fixed interest rate and you decide to do one of the following:

  • move onto the variable interest rate or another fixed interest rate
  • pay back your home loan in full
  • make a lump sum payment (we currently allow a minimum of $1,000 and this may be subject to an ERA)

This amount varies. Please call our customer care team on 0800 500 174 (+64 9 487 9994 international) 8:30am – 5:30pm Monday - Friday for more details.

Early Repayment Adjustment administration fee

When you decide to break your fixed interest rate for any of the above reasons.

Local body rates demand notice fee

Charged if we have to make a rates payment on your behalf.

Loan default enforcement letter fee

When we have to write to you due to the preparation of a formal demand for the repayment of your outstanding debt.

Other fees and charges may apply and are set out in the GO Home Loan Fees and Limits Guide.

     Rates and fees are current as at
     Rates and fees are subject to change at any time.

GO Home Loans - Interest rates & fees