Moving your home loan to ASB

Time for a change? Here is why refinancing to an ASB home loan might be just what you are looking for.

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Why refinance with ASB?

  • Lending specialists available 7 days a week

  • ASB Compassionate Care – a free home loan benefit to help with around 12 months of interest costs on eligible ASB home lending in the event you pass away

  • Pay home loan interest rates on other debt – you may be able to consolidate all your debts to an ASB home loan and pay a lower interest rate. You can choose to have just one payment for all your debt and you could pay less in interest

  • A dedicated switching team to move your automatic payments and direct debits from your current bank to ASB

  • Manage your home loan on mobile and online 24/7 via ASB Home Central

  • Switch to us and you could get a better interest rate, as well as a cash contribution to help with any switching costs

  • Get fee-free banking for 6 months – if you’d like to move your everyday banking to us as well, you may be eligible for 6 months fee-free banking and other ongoing benefits through our introductory offer. Terms and conditions will apply. Find out more.

Questions about refinancing?

Thinking of refinancing your home loan? Learn more about the ins and outs of the refinance process to ensure you make the right decision for you.

What is refinancing?

Refinancing involves moving your home loan to another bank. Essentially your existing home loan is paid out by the new home loan, and you repay this over time.

Why might you refinance your home loan?

There are many reasons why you may consider refinancing your home loan, some of these include:

  • • Locking in a more competitive interest rate which may enable you to pay off your home loan faster
  • • Accessing different products, services and cash contribution payments currently not available with your existing bank
  • • Accessing different home loan features and benefits (for example, ASB Compassionate Care - ASB’s free home loan benefit)
  • • Those who currently pay a Low Equity Margin (LEM) for loans with less than 20% equity – if you move your home loan and have your home revalued this could potentially mean your LEM is removed (i.e. potentially paying less in interest). Existing ASB customers can also request a reduction or removal of the LEM at any time six months after the date of initial drawdown. You can find out more here.

What to consider before refinancing your home loan?

1. Think about why you want to refinance your home loan

2. Look into the potential costs of switching your home loan to a new bank, these could include:

  • a. Fixed rate break costs or charges from your current lender
  • b. Solicitors’ costs
  • c. Loan processing fees
  • d. Any cashback rewards from your current lender that you may need to return

3. Review your current loan and have a chat with your bank to ensure you are on the same page with repayments, associated refinance costs, and the terms of your existing home loan

4. Complete your own research and compare different home loans to see what might suit you best

5. If you’ve now made the decision to refinance your home loan with ASB, follow our simple steps below to begin the process

Home loan interest rates

Min 20% equity

12-month fixed rate
18-month fixed rate

24-month fixed rate

36-month fixed rate
48-month fixed rate

60-month fixed rate
6-month fixed rate
18-month fixed rate

24-month fixed rate
36-month fixed rate
48-month fixed rate
60-month fixed rate
6-month fixed rate
12-month fixed rate
Housing variable rate

Rates may change. Loan processing fee of up to $400 may apply. After the fixed rate period the Housing Variable Rate will apply. For those with less than 20% equity see here for rates.

The right home loan for you when refinancing to ASB

Fixed interest rate home loan

Make budgeting easier with regular, fixed payments.

Find out more

Variable interest rate home loan

Enjoy flexibility with your loan payments.

Find out more

Revolving credit home loan

Draw and repay your loan at any time, within your credit limit.

Find out more

Mortgage Repayment Calculator

How to switch your home loan to ASB

01. Apply

Let us make your home loan work for you. When filling out our loan application there are things we’ll also need from you:

  • Proof of annual income
  • Details of your debts and expenses
  • Some form of ID (please check our ID requirements)

Talk to a lending specialist today to find out more.

02. Get approved

If your request is approved, we’ll get back to you with interest rates and any conditions.

03. Accept and sign

We’ll prepare the required loan documents and send them where they need to go.

04. Confirm

Once we get the documents back, we’ll check all conditions have been met and let you know when any new lending is in place.

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