Top tips to pay off your home loan faster

If you’d like to be mortgage-free faster, here are some top tips to help you get there. You can do them all from your desktop or mobile with ASB Home Central. Explore options to change repayments to pay off your loans faster or to better suit your lifestyle.

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Pay your loan fortnightly instead of monthly

If your budget allows, consider fortnightly payments instead of monthly ones. Why? Because while there are 12 months in a year, there are 26 fortnights – which means you’d be paying an equivalent of one extra month payment towards your loan every year.

It makes a big difference. Here’s an example of how it works:

Monthly loan payments

Monthly payments = $2,000

12 payments in a year = $24,000

Fortnightly loan payments

Fortnightly payments = $1,000

26 payments in a year = $26,000

As shown, changing to fortnightly payments, would mean an extra $2000 is paid towards this home loan every year. Over 10 years that’s an extra $20,000!

Take a look at how fortnightly payment would affect you on ASB Home Central.


Stay flexible on a floating interest rate

If you have a windfall, bonus or inheritance, it may make sense to make an extra payment on your floating rate home loan. Keeping part of your home loan on a floating rate, means you'll be able to make extra payments on your loan at any time without cost.

Making extra payments will not only reduce the time it takes to repay your loan, but you'll pay less in interest too.

You can trial whether this option would work for you on ASB Home Central. Log in to FastNet Classic internet banking today and give it a go. If you decide it works for you, you can make an extra payment securely straight from ASB Home Central.


Keep your payments the same when your interest rate drops

If you have some of your loan on a floating rate, consider keeping your payments the same if interest rates drop. That way, you’ll pay the principal off faster, reduce your outstanding home loan balance, and you could pay less interest in the long run.

Best of all, you could become mortgage free faster.

Make adjustments to your home loan repayments through ASB Home Central. You can adjust your repayment dates, frequency and amount in a few minutes on your mobile or desktop today.


Increase your regular payments

Even a small increase in your payments can make a big difference over time. So if you can afford it, why not put some extra money towards paying your home off faster.

On a floating rate loan, you’re free to increase your payments by however much you like without paying early repayment adjustments (ERA). On a fixed rate loan you can increase your loan payments by up to $500 per fortnight or $1000 per month. If you do this, you can pay off your home loan faster without paying an ERA, as long as you keep these payments for the remainder of your fixed term.

Every bit counts. So if you’re keen to pay off your home faster, this is an easy way to do it.

Thinking of increasing your payments? Check the numbers first in ASB Home Central. It will show you how much faster you could pay off your loan and the interest you could save. When you find the repayment solution that works for you, you can submit the changes securely in ASB Home Central.

Like to find out how much you could save?

We’re happy to figure it out for you. Get in touch with an ASB lending specialist and move faster towards a mortgage free home.


Get a revolving credit loan if you need money on hand

Revolving credit could be the right option if you want to pay off your home loan faster, but also like the security of having money on hand when you need it.

Revolving credit works like an overdraft on a transaction account. Any money you put into your revolving credit account – like your salary or wages – will reduce your loan balance and save you interest until you need to use the funds again. When you need the cash, simply withdraw it from the account up to your available limit. Easy.


Shorten your loan term to save on interest

Taking a shorter loan term could be a good option if you can afford to make higher payments. It means you’ll not only pay off your home loan faster, but also reap the benefits of paying less interest, saving you money in the long run.

Here’s an example based on a loan of $250,000 with an interest rate of 6.00% for the entire term of the loan:

Standard loan term

Current loan term = 25 years

Current fortnightly payments = $741

Total interest paid over 25 years = $232,967

Reduced loan term

Reduced loan term = 20 years

New fortnightly payments = $824

Total interest paid over 20 years = $179,345

That's a saving of $53,622 in total interest and you've paid off your home five years faster.

You can test how repayment changes will impact your loan term, and also how much interest you could potentially save on your home loan with ASB Home Central.

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