How can I get my money out of ASB Investment Funds?

Last Updated: 05 Oct 2021

You can withdraw your money, or transfer it to someone else, by contacting the ASB Wealth Advisory Service on 0800 108 084.

You can withdraw lump sum amounts of at least $500 each time. You can also set up automatic withdrawal amounts of at least $100 every fortnight or every month. You will not receive any other distributions from the funds.

You can transfer your money to someone else, but the value of your investment after any withdrawal or transfer must be at least $2,000. If the value of your investment falls below $2,000, we can withdraw your money on your behalf and pay it to you. If any of these amounts change, we'll let you know.

We can delay or suspend a withdrawal or transfer of your investment in exceptional circumstances in accordance with the Trust Deed.

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