Don't get 'smished' this weekend

ASB is aware of a current SMS ('smishing') scam where people have been sent a text message pretending to be from the bank. The 'smishing' SMS contains a link that once clicked prompts the person to provide personal information and their Netcode.

Our customer's security is of utmost importance to us and ASB wants to remind everyone that legitimate messages from any bank would never ask customers to supply personal information, login details or second factor identification.

If a customer receives a text message from ASB, they should not click on the link and simply delete the message. The ASB Contact Centre is available on 0800 803 804 if a customer is concerned about any suspicious messages they receive.

We have updated our social media channels and website advising customers about the 'smishing' campaign. Customers can find out more information about how to stay safe online from the handy tips on our website.

ASB executive general manager Simon Tong says, “Our team of cybersecurity experts are working to shut down these attacks. In the meantime, we urge all customers to keep their personal information safe and if they are suspicious of any messages they receive to please give us a call to confirm the legitimacy of the message.”

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