ASB puts health and safety first as Kiwis stand together against COVID-19

ASB is making sure Kiwis have access to essential banking services as New Zealand responds to the re-emergence of COVID-19.

The bank's executive general manager Retail Banking Craig Sims is encouraging customers to use ASB's online or mobile banking services as their first choice for day-to-day transactions or to call the Contact Centre if they need extra help.

"This is a great time for customers to start using ASB's digital services. As we've seen, COVID-19 will be with us for some time and one of the things we can all do to help is be prepared to use self-service forms of banking, so that we can keep our customers and staff healthy and safe.

"For customers who are a bit unsure there are some great 'how to' videos on the ASB website which can step you through internet and mobile banking services. We also have staff members from branches that are currently closed available to help with online and telephone enquiries if you get stuck," says Sims.

For those who still need face-to-face banking services during this time of heightened alert levels, there are 72 ASB branches available across the country for limited days and reduced hours:

  • In Auckland, the 18 branches currently available will be open Tuesday and Thursday from 9am-2pm.
  • Outside of Auckland, 54 branches will continue as usual, including weekends.
  • All 72 branches will be offering ASB's Priority Hour for customers aged 65-years and older, or those who need extra support, between 9am to 10am each weekday they are open.

"Self-service ATMs will continue to be available for cash withdrawals and deposits, and our Contact Centre is available during the usual hours including the Priority Line (0800 272 119) for customers aged 65-years and older," says Sims.

Updated branch availability and financial assistance information can be found at www.asb.co.nz

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