ASB makes history by scoring naming rights to Eden Park

In a world first, ASB Bank has secured weeklong naming rights to New Zealand’s national stadium for the upcoming Bledisloe Cup, and as part of its continued efforts to back New Zealand business, will gift the opportunity to a Kiwi business in need of a helping hand.

Eden Park is internationally renowned for its 117-year sporting history hosting memorable cricket, rugby, rugby league and football showdowns. From humble beginnings as a cricket ground in 1903, the Park is the country’s most venerated stadium, holding lifelong memories for locals and tourists alike.

For more than a century Eden Park has resisted entering into any agreement to rename the venue. However, Chief Executive Officer Nick Sautner, says in this unprecedented year the time is right to unlock this valuable opportunity in a way that aligns with the stadium’s pioneering reputation and commitment to community.

"Like most New Zealand businesses, Eden Park has been challenged to find ways to embrace the new normal to ensure we can continue to operate, innovate, and give back to the community. ASB is a valued and longstanding partner of the Park, so creating a unique opportunity together to support a small Kiwi business is a natural fit for us.

“The Eden Park name is a globally renowned sporting icon which means this opportunity is unlikely to happen ever again. We’re excited to reveal details and provide an unforgettable experience for both our patrons and our new naming rights partner later this month," says Sautner.

ASB’s Executive General Manager of Business Banking Tim Deane says ASB has an equally proud 173-year history and is honoured to be the first organisation to ever hold naming rights to Eden Park, albeit temporarily. But the bank won’t be taking this opportunity for itself; this once in a lifetime chance will be used to give a Kiwi business a boost.

“Supporting SMEs has been a priority for us throughout 2020. They are the backbone of our economy and many are hard hit by the economic impacts of COVID-19. We know Eden Park has a special place in the hearts of many Kiwis and it will always be Eden Park, but this will be an incredible opportunity for one small business, and we couldn’t be prouder to be able to use ASB’s naming rights in this way.

"We’re thrilled Eden Park has helped bring this opportunity to life and we look forward to announcing the lucky Kiwi business with naming rights to one of the world’s truly iconic stadiums for the trans-Tasman rugby encounter on Sunday 18 October," says Deane.

The new temporary naming rights partner for Eden Park will be revealed early next week.

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