ASB launches personal wealth and savings tool for everyday Kiwis

ASB is helping all of its customers become wealth experts with its latest digital service, Wealth Central.

The service shows customers their ASB assets and investments – whether that be KiwiSaver, savings, property or shares – and allows them to add in non-ASB assets to give a complete picture of personal wealth.

Users can then compare different investment choices over set periods of time using the discovery tool to find the best option to maximise their savings.

ASB general manager wealth Jonathan Beale says Wealth Central was created as a way for everyday Kiwis to start thinking about their personal wealth and get guidance and options for how to maximise their savings, no matter how small.

"Customers, ourselves included, are often motivated to grow their money but just don't know where to start. We see Wealth Central as the first step in demystifying the options available while increasing confidence," says Beale.

Since a pilot of the service was launched in November, more than 150,000 individual customers have used Wealth Central.

"We hope this will give our customers an easy-to-use personalised hub where they can review their assets and explore how to grow their money and reach their financial goals,” says Beale.

Wealth Central was borne out of research which found most people surveyed had a desire to grow their wealth, but didn’t feel they had the tools or knowledge to do so, and viewed wealth management as something for customers with a lot of money.

Adam Boyd, ASB executive general manager private banking wealth and insurance, says the aim of Wealth Central was to provide an educational tool available to anyone, and to encourage customers to engage with their savings and investments.

"We want to help our customers at any stage of their wealth management journey and we see Wealth Central as a first step for many. The online hub will also enable users to view the growth of their overall portfolio over time."

Additional features will be added, including graph functionality to easily track how investments are growing over time.

For more about Wealth Central, please visit www.asb.co.nz/investment-advice/wealth-central.html


About Wealth Central

Wealth Central is an ASB tool which provides an overview of a customer's wealth, and a place to compare investment ideas as well as information about products ASB offers which might be useful as they grow their savings.

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