ASB gets verified Mainland China WeChat account

ASB has launched an official Mainland China profile on Chinese social network WeChat, allowing Chinese customers, here and in China, to have mobile interaction with ASB.

This follows the launch of ASB’s Weibo account 12 months ago, which saw ASB become the first New Zealand bank to obtain a verified account. The ASB Weibo page currently has 10,863 followers, the most out of any bank in New Zealand.

ASB received Mainland China WeChat status on January 9, 2017. To follow ASB on WeChat search: ASB1847.

ASB general manager branch and international banking Logan Munro says the WeChat account will enable ASB to engage with customers in their preferred language.

“New Zealand is a multi-cultural nation with a growing migrant population, so we are pleased to offer customers more choice about how they communicate with us,” Mr Munro says. WeChat offers text messaging, broadcast messaging, video conferencing and location sharing.

ASB’s decision to register a Mainland China WeChat account ensures users inside and outside China can interact with the bank. WeChat accounts set up outside Mainland China are only accessible to International WeChat users (and not China-based WeChat users).

With an already large social media following (ASB has more than 154,000 ‘Likes’ on Facebook), ASB launches its WeChat account ahead of the popular Auckland Lantern Festival in February.

This year, ASB will co-sponsor the inaugural ASB Lantern Forum - an exclusive event bringing together politicians, migrant investors and influential business people in the Chinese and business community to discuss topics affecting the migration flows coming out of China.

About WeChat
WeChat is a cross-platform instant messaging service. It is one of the world’s largest social media platforms with more than one billion accounts.

WeChat offers the following capabilities: Text messaging, hold-to-talk voice messaging, broadcast messaging, video conferencing, video games, sharing of photographs and videos, and location sharing.


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