ASB donates defibrillator to 150 year old Queenstown pharmacy

ASB was pleased to donate a defibrillator to the Queenstown community as part of the 150-year celebrations of Life Pharmacy Wilkinsons.

The Ballarat Street pharmacy is New Zealand's second-oldest pharmacy and its longstanding contribution to the community was honoured this month.

ASB head of healthcare Dr David Rhind says ASB gifted a defibrillator as part of the celebrations.

"The fact Life Pharmacy Wilkinsons has been operating from the same site for 150 years is a testament to their involvement in the community. ASB was delighted to donate a defibrillator, and it's great to be able to assist Glenn and Bronwen who are clearly dedicated to helping their customers," Mr Rhind said.

To mark the occasion, Queenstown Mayor Jim Boult unveiled a special plaque which will sit outside the building. 

Glenn Mitchell said it was a special day for him and Bronwen, who have owned the pharmacy for just over a year.

"The unveiling marked a very special occasion for Life Pharmacy Wilkinsons.  Celebrating 150 years of trade for any business is unique, especially here in New Zealand. Bronwen and I are privileged to be the current owners and are proud to  mark the pharmacy's milestone. We are relatively new owners and look forward to continuing to serve the community for years to come," Mr Mitchell said.

"We're thankful to ASB for the gift of the much-needed defibrillator. The pharmacy is open 8:30am - 10pm every day and having a defibrillator available for use in an emergency will be a great asset," Mr Mitchell says.