A million reasons to use ASB's card control this summer

ASB is reminding customers who lose or temporarily misplace their Visa card this summer to use the bank’s mobile app to place an instant block on its use.

In the 12 months to the end of November more than 100,000 ASB Visa cards were reported lost and the bank blocked more than one million individual transaction attempts on behalf of customers, including at ATMs, instore at payWave terminals and online.

ASB’s Executive General Manager of Retail Banking, Craig Sims, says the number of cards being reported as lost tends to increase in January as customers head to beaches, recreation areas and summer festivals.

“In fact, our latest ASB ad campaign featuring our Ben and Amy characters shows how easily it can happen. The ad shows Amy popping a manu (dive bomb) off a wharf into the sea then belatedly realising her ASB Visa card was in the pocket of her shorts.

“While we always recommend keeping your Visa cards in a safe place at all times, it’s good to know you can use your mobile phone to switch them off in an instant if you do lose track of them.”

ASB’s card control can be accessed via the bank’s mobile app giving customers the power to manage their Visa cards any time of the day or night, wherever they are this summer, and the block takes effect instantly.

Using Card Control is easy. Simply log into the ASB app on your phone, choose the card or cards you’ve misplaced, and tap on ‘temporarily lock card’ at the bottom of the screen to activate.

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