Term Deposit Report: Interest rates tick higher in September

  • There has been a lift off the low term deposit interest rates over recent months, including increases in September. 
  • Nonetheless, rates on offer are still very low and are expected to remain significantly below historical averages over the coming years.
  • Inflation has been low but is on the rise, eroding the return from term deposits.

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Chris Tennent-Brown

ASB Wealth Senior Economist

Chris has worked as an economist for ASB and Commonwealth Bank of Australia in Sydney since 2005. His work has involved monitoring and forecasting trends in the New Zealand economy, with a focus on drawing implications for financial markets and investments. Chris is passionate about savings issues, and much of his current work is focussed on broadening peoples understanding of investments. Chris obtained a Bachelor of Commence at Auckland University, majoring in Economics, and prior to joining ASB worked in the funds management industry for Bankers Trust and BT Funds Management. With over 20 years' experience in finance, Chris has also spent several years farming, and was a New Zealand representative cyclist. When not at work, Chris likes to travel, cycle, and spend time with his family and numerous pets.

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