Mycoplasma Bovis eradication - initial thoughts

The NZ Government’s big decision around Mycoplasma Bovis was either to continue attempting to eradicate or move to managing the presence of the bacterium.  The Government has chosen to continue to attempt to eradicate, noting that the current estimates of eradication costs are smaller than the estimated costs of managing the bacterium.  No country has yet successfully eradicated the disease, but the Government doesn’t want to regret not trying.  There is still the risk that a greater spread of the bacterium than assumed will switch the sums more in favour of managing the bacterium’s presence.  Spring testing (results in December) will give further information on which to assess the probability of success of eradication.

The revenue impact on the dairy industry as a whole is not clear cut.  The potential loss in dairy production could be partly or completely offset by higher dairy prices.  For beef prices, the size of the cull needs to be put in context with the usual (high) cattle slaughter figure.

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Nathan Penny

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