International Agri Insights: US fluid milk sales running dry

  • With the US dairy market often leading industry trends, there are lessons for the global dairy sector from steadily declining US fluid milk consumption.
  • Without change, declining US demand for fluid milk may increase industry efforts to grow US exports of dairy products at the expense of other exporting countries and/or induce US farmers to reduce dairy production.
  • However, new supply chain technology such as blockchain could help industry address consumer concerns and give US fluid milk a new lease on life.

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Nathan Penny

Senior Rural Economist

Nathan's bold predictions and his ability to call it as he sees it sets him apart from other New Zealand rural economists.  In particular, his controversial, but ultimately successful $6.00/kg MS 2016/17 milk price forecast is case in point.

He has a natural talent to distil complex issues and translate them into user-friendly formats for diverse groups, including farmers and financial markets participants.  Nathan brings unique perspectives and thought leadership to the country's rural and broader export sectors.  

Nathan joined ASB as the Rural Economist in 2013, having cut his teeth at the New Zealand Treasury.  He hails from the Kapiti Coast and studied at Massey University where he graduated with a Master of Applied Economics.

Nathan's expertise lie in dairy and other commodity markets, trade economics and economic forecasting.  He's a leading GlobalDairyTrade auction and NZX dairy derivatives commentator and he also authors ASB's monthly rural publication, Farmshed Economics.  

He's a proud Hurricanes and Wellington Phoenix fan, and will gladly discuss at length the Hurricanes Super Rugby 2016 victory.

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