ASB and St John - Working Together

St John is New Zealanders first port of call in a medical emergency. In the past year it received 455,000 calls, cared for 428,000 patients and its ambulances covered nearly 20 million kilometres. ASB is committed to doing all we can to help St John continue its vital work in your community.

St John Ambulance and Station set

For $30 you can purchase a St John Ambulance and Station set from any ASB Branch or via ASB True Rewards for a limited time.

The St John Ambulance and station set comes in a box containing assembly instructions, stickers, and a total of 419 small parts (not suitable for children under 3 years of age).


If you have misplaced your instructions for the set, you can download here:

St John Station build instructions

St John Ambulance build instructions

Donate to St John

Even with corporate support like ASB, St John must still rely on the generosity of donors to ensure that it can contribute to provide its vital service to New Zealanders. Donate now and help make sure St John is there if you or your loved ones need them.

Donate here

How we work with St John

ASB and St John have been working together since 2008, with our staff volunteering to help St John on Area Committees, as Caring Callers, and with fundraising.

All ASB branches are equipped with an AED (Automatic Heart Defibrillator) and have AED-trained staff ready to help.

ASB also supports ASB St John In Schools. This is a basic first aid programme, which Kiwi teaches kids essential life-saving skills and gives them confidence to take action in an emergency.

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