Giving Kiwi kids the confidence to save lives

Through ASB St John in Schools, we've helped over 1 million Kiwi kids to become Clever Little Life Savers, teaching them the essential first aid skills they need to act confidently in an emergency.

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ASB and Hato Hone St John - Working Together

Hato Hone St John is New Zealanders first port of call in a medical emergency. In the past year it answered 645,570 emergency calls and its ambulances treated and transported 498,605 patients. ASB is committed to doing all we can to help Hato Hone St John continue its vital work in your community.

How we work with Hato Hone St John

ASB and Hato Hone St John have been in partnership since 2008, with ASB staff volunteering on Area Committees for Hato Hone St John, as Caring Callers, and providing help with fundraising.

All ASB branches are equipped with an AED (Automatic Heart Defibrillator) and have AED-trained staff ready to help, should the need arise.

ASB St John in Schools

Another such partnership is ASB St John in Schools - a first aid programme which teaches Kiwi kids essential life-saving skills, giving them the confidence to take action in emergency.

ASB helped launched the ASB St John in Schools programme with Hato Hone St John in 2015, and since then this programme has assisted in teaching over 1 million New Zealand children basic first aid skills.

In addition, ASB launched the ASB Super Saver Bravery Award into the programme to recognise the brave acts of tamariki who have displayed their skills learnt in the programme in an emergency, with over 55 ASB Super Savers having received this award since 2016.

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