ASB and cyber

ASB are proud to partner and collaborate with a range of organisations throughout New Zealand to educate communities to keep themselves safe and secure online.

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Cyber Skills Aotearoa

ASB is proud to be a partner of Cyber Skills Aotearoa, a collaborative initiative between the New Zealand Government and industry. 

Cyber Skills Aotearoa will provide classroom-ready challenges that develop students’ cyber security skills while empowering teachers to bring cyber security curriculum into their classrooms. It is hoped the programme will empower students to consider further education and careers in cyber security.

ASB will work with the Grok Academy, Core Education, respective government agencies and other industry partners on the development of the curriculum to ensure it incorporates authentic examples of security scenarios and the materials developed provide best-practice advice and skills.

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Educating communities and businesses

ASB works with a range of partners such as CERTNZ, National Cyber Security Centre, Netsafe, and Age Concern to help provide support, resources and education to communities and businesses.


ASB partners with IDCARE to help people and organisations deal with the complex and distressing aftermath of identity theft and financial crime. 

The partnership see's ASB refer customers to IDCARE for free specialist help, where expert identity and cyber security case managers can provide thorough and detailed advice on how to respond to data breaches, scams, identify theft, and cyber security concerns. 

Having your money stolen or identify fraudulently used is incredible stressful, and many people need dedicated resource to understand and feel supported through the aftermath. Often, education is needed to prevent subsequent attacks and IDCARE specialises in providing that aid. 

For more information about IDCARE visit www.idcare.org or contact them for assistance directly 0800 121 068