Consultancy Services

Our consultants can work with you to help you achieve your business ambitions, through digital transformation, business and operations strategy, payments technology and innovation.

Benefits at a glance

  • We will bring new ideas and thinking to your business
  • Embed design thinking principles
  • We will help to transform legacy systems and processes
  • Provide access to a wide range of banking and technology specialists
  • Enhance the efficient and effective use of your data

Is it right for your business?

Every large business faces unique challenges. Your financial processes and systems need the capacity to cope with your transaction volume, supply chain complexities and customer numbers. We can pull together the right experts and specialists to help build the strategies and solutions you need to succeed.

No matter who you bank with, our independent view can often provide fresh insights.

How it works

  • We meet with you to understand your current situation and strategic goals
  • We hold a collaborative, obligation-free workshop with your key team members to develop ideas and identify opportunities
  • Based on the outputs, we pull together a team of experts to develop the strategies and solutions you need to succeed

Can we help your business?

Gemma Macaulay

As Head of Consultancy Services, Gemma is passionate about working collaboratively to understand your strategy, helping to identify both opportunities and solutions to your challenges and finding innovative ways to improve your business.

Gemma has a background in both Retail and Business banking. Her experience in product development, demand creation, engagement and adoption, market campaign management and strategy implementation assist her in driving greater value into your business. Partnering with you means Gemma brings a level of creativity and focus to enhance your customer experience, improve your business outcomes to help you achieve your objectives.

+64 21 845808 Gemma.Macaulay@asb.co.nz

Garett Hines

Garett unlocks and brings to life the strategic roadmaps of large businesses. He brings together ASB and external resources to give you the expertise and technology to drive change. He will challenge your existing processes and infrastructure with new ideas, and help uncover new opportunities in your market.

+64 21 919 246 Garett.Hines@asb.co.nz

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Commercial and corporate banking Consultancy Services