Succession Podcast

ASB Rural Insights – Succession Series Podcast

ASB Rural Insights – Succession Series Podcast
<p><b>Welcome to the ASB Rural Insights - Succession Series podcast. Listen to host Angus Kebbell as he talks to farming families and experts from the advisory sector, and investigates opportunities for those thinking about diversifying their farming business.</b></p> <p><b>There's a lot to think about when it comes to 'what's next' for the farm, so this series aims to share success stories, provide useful tips, and help you understand more about the many facets of succession planning.</b></p>
ASB Rural Succession Podcast

Episode 1

We chat to Sandy Van Den Heuvel from BlackmanSpargo Rural Law, and Ben Speedy, ASB GM Rural Banking, to get their thoughts on the ins and outs of succession planning.

Episode 2

We catch up with dairy farmer Kevin van der Poel, in the heart of the Waikato. Kevin and his wife Cherie took the ‘hand up’ rather than ‘hand out’ approach to settling their son on his own property and assisting their daughter into a business venture.

Episode 3

We talk to Tom Hargreaves of Kakahu Angus in South Canterbury, about how off-farm investments have paved the way to provide acceptable outcomes for each of the next generation. Tom and his wife Anna now run the South Canterbury property, alongside their architecture business. Tom’s sisters are still connected to the family farm, but also run separate businesses of their own.

Episode 4

In the final episode, we catch up with succession coach Sarah Barr. Sarah advocates getting on with succession planning even before the next generation has decided if they want a farming career. Angus also talks with Ben Speedy, who is big on the opportunities diversification can bring to help with succession planning.

<p style="text-align: justify;">You can also listen to the series <a href="" target="_blank">here</a> or anywhere you listen to podcasts including Apple Podcasts, Spotify and HeartRadio. Simply search 'ASB Rural Insights Succession Series'.</p>