The trusted, go-to HR platform for New Zealand small businesses. No one does HR like MyHR.

A virtual HR department, whenever and wherever you need it.

MyHR's combination of HR advisors and HR software is unlike any other, providing a singular, outsourced HR platform for employers. MyHR covers the full lifecycle of every employee with on-call, expert HR advice, fit-for-purpose contracts, and software that manages onboarding, performance, doc-acceptance, and leave, runs reports, and integrates with leading payroll and ATS applications.


Many HR software companies offer an Human Resources Information System (HRIS) as a subscription service as do some HR consultancies and employer associations who offer on-call advice and document plans. MyHR members get both, all for a fixed monthly fee, calculated on how many employees they have.


MyHR membership delivers a full, wraparound HR service that's typically 30% of the comparable cost of an internal resource running a basic HRIS.

Join MyHR and receive 30% off the cost of our one-time setup fee

Managing leave and payroll

Fast, efficient leave management software that fully integrates with NZ and Australia's leading payroll services for streamlined set-up and robust compliance. From application to approval, leave is easy to track, manage and pay, without double-handling. Don't take chances with payroll or employee leave and holiday entitlements.

Ensure your business compliance and documentation is compliant with current laws and best practice

Fully customised employment documents and company policies that MyHR's expert team review and update every time there is a law-change. Save hours of administration and stress, knowing you are always supported and up to date with current regulations and HR best practice.

Hiring and onboarding

Attract and secure the best people when you need them and set up the employment relationship right. Our experienced HR consultants provide all the documentation, expert planning and advice, so you can find top talent, bring them into the business, and get them off to a flying start.

Issues and change management 

From minor employee niggles to major issues and organisational changes, MyHR's expert team of HR consultants will help you manage any employment problem or restructure, with tailored advice, support, and online documentation to get the best result for your business while meeting all your legal obligations.

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