ASB Clean Tech

The ASB Clean Tech Fund is designed to support early-stage companies reach their business goals to reduce carbon emissions and support the transition of New Zealand to a low emissions economy.

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The fund will provide lending for businesses focused on technology or processes that have a direct and measurable impact on emissions or improve the use of natural resources and have an application across the wider economy.

Benefits at a glance

    Provides opportunity for innovation

    Our Sustainability Linked Loan is designed for corporate/ institutional borrowers. Clean Tech is designed for early-stage companies to access capital.

    Maintain ownership and control

    Grow your business while maintaining control through a non-dilutive source of capital – without giving up equity.

    Supporting business

    Aims to assist projects that can make a significant impact on greenhouse gas emissions or use improve the natural resources across New Zealand and/or globally.

Credit criteria

You can borrow up to $5 million per business when you take out an ASB Clean Tech loan. The lending has more flexible financing terms that allow financing growth initiatives depending on the requirements of the business. Funding can be used for growth, working capital requirements, asset finance and/or project finance.

The business will need to make significant impact on improving greenhouse gas emissions or use of natural resources across NZ and/or globally, and applied across a range of sectors including, renewable energy generation, new low-carbon transport or materials for construction and industrial processes, technology to reduce waste and pollution, manufacturing, carbon sequestration, reduce farm emissions or protect the natural environment.


    Measurable impact

    The business must demonstrate a direct, measurable and significant impact on improving emissions or the use of natural resources.

    Revenue milestone

    Businesses and projects with current or forecast revenue of >$1million, and a clear path to profitability over a five-year period.

    Strong market fit and proven technology

    Demonstrated investor support and successful capital raising.

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ASB Bank Limited's lending criteria and terms apply. Only available where applicants meet ASB's eligibility and verification criteria. Verification requirements and eligibility criteria are subject to change. ASB will require evidence and documentation of the funding purpose to our satisfaction. Clean Tech Loan offer is available at ASB's discretion, even where lending and eligibility criteria are met.