ASB's new EFTPOS, debit and credit cards make banking easier for everyone

24 May 2022 / Published in Your Money

Earlier this year, ASB began rolling out our new-look EFTPOS, debit and credit cards which incorporate a number of new features to make our cards easier for everyone to use.

For the first time, the cards will incorporate both braille and a notch on one edge of the card to help customers with vision loss and some motor impairments, to identify the card and the correct orientation when using EFTPOS machines or ATMs. We've worked closely with Blind and Low Vision New Zealand to develop and test these features. See the table below for more.

The card information on the new cards is now flat printed rather than embossed, to reduce the likelihood of the numbers and text wearing and becoming hard to read over time. The front of the cards will now be laid out in portrait format, which switches to horizontal on the back with the card numbers now displayed on the back of the card to help keep them private. 

ASB's new Visa and True Rewards cards are available now and will be issued to customers as their existing cards expire. FastCash, FastDeposit, and FastChange will be coming soon.

If you would benefit from the new accessibility features you can get a new card by following the steps below:

  • ASB Mobile Banking app: Once logged in, on the bottom right, select 'More' > 'Cards & devices' > then select your card. This will take you to 'Card control'. Scroll to the bottom and select 'Cancel and replace card' and follow the steps. Watch the how to video.
  • FastNet Classic internet banking: Once logged in, on the top left, select 'Menu' > 'Cards' > 'Replace card' and follow the steps.
  • Important: When selecting a reason for reissuing your card, you must choose 'My card has been damaged'. Any other option will cancel your current card immediately so it no longer works.

If you are unable to access our mobile app or online banking, please contact us on 0800 255 382.

How we're using braille to help customers to identify their cards:

  • ASB FastCash - F
  • ASB Visa Debit - D
  • ASB Visa Debit Tertiary - DT
  • ASB Visa Light - CL
  • ASB Visa Rewards - CR
  • ASB Visa Platinum Rewards - CP
  • ASB Visa Platinum Private Bank - CPP
  • ASB True Rewards - T
  • ASB FastDeposit - FD
  • ASB FastChange - FC
  • ASB Visa Debit for Business - DB
  • ASB Visa Business - CB
  • ASB Visa Business Rewards - BR
  • ASB Business True Rewards - BT

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