ASB Graduate Diaries: Will Hurst

15 October 2018 / Published in News & Stories

This is the latest entry in our Graduate Diaries series, highlighting some of the talented ASB Future Me graduates as they share their experiences progressing through the programme. 

I grew up on a dairy farm in North Otago and have always had a passion for agriculture and farming. This passion inspired me to study Agricultural Science at Lincoln University which led me to apply for the Rural Banking stream of the Future Me Graduate Programme.

I’m now based in Palmerston North where I shadow an experienced Rural Manager and their team, with the aim of stepping into a Rural Manger role sometime next year when I complete the Grad Programme.

Joining the Future Me Graduate Programme hasn’t been without its challenges; there have been a lot of things to learn in a short space of time. It’s been a really rewarding first six months and the support of the Future Me Programme, the Rural Banking team and others within the Bank, has really helped ease the growing pains.

One of things I have found especially valuable to date is Future Me Mentor meetings. These put Grads in contact with experienced leaders within the Bank, for regular one-on-one catch ups where they share their experiences and provide advice.

While the learning curve has been steep, there have certainly been plenty of highlights, both with the Future Me Grads and the Rural Banking team. Trips to Auckland, Central Districts Field days, Rural Awards and graduate events all mean we are kept on our toes as graduates; there is always something to look forward to. For me the biggest highlight is visiting customers where we get real insight into their business and what makes it tick.

The Future Me Graduate Programme is a great opportunity that surrounds Grads with the best people and resources needed to get a head start down their chosen career path. Find out more here.



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