ASB Good As Gold - Moya Carrothers

21 February 2018 / Published in Your Community

ASB Good as Gold is an ASB initiative recognising, rewarding and helping wonderful people in our community. We ask the New Zealand public to nominate people who are making a real difference in their community, have grabbed hold of life against the odds or who really deserve help in a time of hardship. The recipients are featured on TV One’s Seven Sharp programme. 

Unfortunately, tragedy can strike at any time. This week’s ASB Good as Gold winner, Moya Carrothers, knows this more than anyone as a young widow, losing her husband, Jhan, to cancer less than one year ago.

Moya has three children: 10-year-old twins Lily and Ali, and 4–year-old son Theo. Together, the family live in a beautifully renovated villa in Christchurch thanks to Jhan’s tireless work in and around the home before his death. Jhan worked hard - even while he was undergoing gruelling cancer treatments - to ensure his family wouldn’t have to worry about the house if the worst was to happen to him.

To help brighten this sad time for Moya and the kids, we’ve given the family a $7,000 travel voucher and $3,000 spending money to go on a special holiday. While the family’s loss is still very fresh, Moya and the children are excited at the prospect of planning a holiday together.

Watch the video to see us surprise the very deserving Moya with the Seven Sharp team.

Seven Sharp story on Moya Carrothers

ASB Good As Gold - Moya Carrothers

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Do you know someone who has grabbed hold of life against the odds? Someone with a heart- warming story who’s making a real difference? Someone who’s had a bit of bad luck and needs a boost? You can nominate them for ASB Good As Gold on Seven Sharp's website here.


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