ASB Good As Gold: Terry and Tanya Long

01 November 2017 / Published in Your Community

ASB Good as Gold is an ASB initiative recognising, rewarding and helping wonderful people in our community. We ask the public to nominate people, who are making a real difference in their community, have grabbed hold of life against the odds or who really deserve help in a time of hardship. The recipients are featured on TV One’s Seven Sharp programme.

Terry and Tanya Long are two very special people who help make the Taranaki community a better place because of their passion to help others! They started the Mellowpuff Charitable Trust in 2006, after their daughter Melissa passed away from a long battle with cancer at the age of 17. It was at Melissa’s request that they started the trust, as she wanted to help teenagers going through similar adversity. Melissa was grateful for everything people had done for her - some of them strangers she never got to meet and thank in person. In her last days, she asked that the $9000 she had in her savings be used to found the trust.

The Mellowpuff Trust supports Taranaki children 19 and under who are going through a bit of a tough time. The Trust helps in many ways, including educational support and provides sporting opportunities and specialised equipment to kids. The Trust even sends families on special holidays when they really need it. In its 11 years, the Mellowpuff Trust has made more than 170 Taranaki children feel special, and given their families something to smile about.

We gave the Longs $5000 to help the Mellowpuff Trust’s important work and $5000 for a well-deserved holiday as both Tanya and Terry dedicate so much of their time to others.  They are going to be celebrating a significant wedding anniversary soon and will use the holiday money to take a very special trip to visit family overseas.

Watch the video to see us surprise the very deserving Long family with the Seven Sharp team.

Seven Sharp story on Terry and Tanya Long

ASB Good As Gold: Terry and Tanya Long

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Do you know someone who has grabbed hold of life against the odds? Someone with a heart- warming story who’s making a real difference? Someone who’s had a bit of bad luck and needs a boost? You can nominate them for ASB Good As Gold on Seven Sharp's website here.


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