2017 NZ Art Show: Celebrating our culture and identity through NZ art.

01 June 2017 / Published in Your Community

The NZ Art Show is an annual sale of original New Zealand art works, with the aim of encouraging all New Zealanders to own original local art. With an online gallery running alongside the show, and artworks priced between $50 and $5,000, the NZ Art Show is hugely accessible and represents New Zealand’s diverse and unique artistic community. 

Find out more about the NZ Art Show.

Exhibiting around 3,000 works from around 300 artists in a range of styles and mediums, the show also helps to establish local artists. As well as exhibiting works for sale, 10 pieces will be chosen by the show’s selection panel to be displayed in the show’s Signature Piece Gallery with the $3,000 cash prize for the Brendan Foot Signature Art Piece Award being decided by public vote – everyone that visits the show can vote.

The NZ Art Show is a non-profit organisation, with the goal of providing opportunity for NZ artists to further their development. It’s a significant contributor to the local art community, and ASB is proud to show our support.

During Gala night there will be a special work produced by street artist, DSIDE. The artwork will be created and installed prior to the show so that event attendees can colour in, and bring the artwork to life. The resulting artwork will be installed at Ronald McDonald House where it will be able to be re-coloured by families again and again.

The dates for the 2017 show:

  • Queen’s Birthday Weekend, June 2 – 5, Friday – Monday, daily from 10am
  • Gala Evening Thursday June 1, 6.30pm

ASB Artist in Residence

Bruce Mortimer

As part of our partnership with NZ Art Show, Bruce Mortimer will be artist in residence at our Lambton Quay ASB Branch until Tuesday 30 May, creating a one-off work which will be auctioned off for Ronald McDonald House. Bruce won the 2016 Brendan Foot Signature Piece Art Award and has been exhibiting work with the NZ Art Show since 2009.

Bruce explains his work by saying:

“The world is a busy place, wrapped in interesting diversions and distractions. The simple application of tone and texture in my loosely photorealistic charcoal and pencil artworks is both a grounded escape from reality and an inspired emotional reaction to it.”

Photography remains his favourite medium but he also works with charcoal, graphite, pastels, acrylics and oils and is currently exploring three dimensional work and more conceptual pieces.

Tatyana Kulida

Tatyana Kulida will also be based in the Willis Street ASB Branch.

Tatyana is known for her portraiture. With the rapid adoption of technology and the ever increasing pace of contemporary life, Tatyana’s work is a welcome contrast, taking a slow and patient approach to paint her subjects in natural light using traditional techniques. Rather than capturing a quick moment in time, her work is a reflection of the true colours and values of her subject – only visible through careful consideration and observation.

Read more about exhibiting artists in the 2017 NZ Art Show.


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