The ASB Season of Amadeus

26 April 2017 / Published in Your Community

The ASB season of Amadeus starts next month at the ASB Waterfront Theatre. Produced by the Auckland Theatre Company, Peter Shaffer’s Amadeus is one of the most famous and acclaimed plays of the late twentieth century and is not to be missed.

As director, Oliver Driver mentions, his interpretation of Amadeus is intended to be a multi-faceted spectacle, combining music, dance, acting and art. Everything from the musical performance, the costumes and set design has been approached with the notion of fitting the piece into a timeless setting – bringing the music of Mozart and this story to life in a distinctly modern way. It’s a larger than life exploration in multi-media and audiences will be treated to an exhibition of sound, visuals and emotion that’s much more than just a play.

This isn’t a carbon copy of the original. In every way, this piece has been constructed to fit into 2017, taking inspiration from the story but putting together a show that is unique. As well as the music and set, the costuming is a work of art, with Adrian Hailwood designing a wardrobe that mimics the style and dress of the period but not copying it.                

A story about music, this production of Amadeus is built around a live band who has re-interpreted the classical pieces of music using modern day instrumentation.

In the past, a large orchestra was needed to create a large sound, but with modern amplification and technology – this is no longer the case. Musical director, Leon Radojkovic, has put together an exciting score for the show and gives audiences a taste of what the music of Mozart would sound like if he were able to use electric guitars and synthesizers. Rather than press play and let the music sit as an accompaniment to the show, the band is on stage and built into the fabric of the performance. 

Opera singer, Madison Nonoa will also be singing six arias throughout the show – adding to the rich experience of this production of Amadeus.

Ella Mizrahi has created the set for Amadeus completely out of paper and recycled materials. As music is put down onto paper, it’s this physical aspect of the music that has been used as the basis for the set design. As the show develops, Antonio Salieri is constantly bombarded with the music of Mozart, ripping it to pieces and throwing it away in frustration of his genius. The set is designed to represent this world he’s created for himself in his own mind, and as Driver mentions, “it’s as if he’s drowning in the music of Mozart.” We see this house for Salieri as a place where he becomes increasingly lost in a world of music both aurally and physically.

About Amadeus

In Vienna, music is the currency of power and Court Composer Antonio Salieri is the toast of the town. That is until the arrival of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Confronted with true genius, Salieri is consumed with obsessive jealousy, declaring war on God for choosing to speak through this up start and not him. His mediocrity becomes murderous as he sets out to destroy his potty-mouthed young rival and extinguish the spark of his divine talent.

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ASB Season of Amadeus

  • 2 May - 18 May 2017
  • ASB Waterfront Theatre, 138 Halsey Street, Wynyard Quarter, Auckland
  • Original production written by Peter Shaffer
  • ATC production directed by Oliver Driver & musical direction by Leon Radojkovic

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