Building a New World in Blenheim from the bank up.

27 March 2017 / Published in Business

Ashley and Melanie Shore are stars in the competitive world of supermarket management, and little wonder.

They’re decisive and a great team – and the care they show for their customers, their people and the future of their business shines through in everything they do.

They took over New World Blenheim in January 2013. They’d been with Foodstuffs since 2008.

When the Blenheim store came up, they jumped at the opportunity. They took a loan with another bank, but after two years needed a second round of funding. There had been some changes at their bank, so they went to market – where they met ASB.

 “ASB had competitive rates and flat fees, which was good. But all the banks were about the same on price. What made the difference was the enthusiasm of their team, and their technology.”

“ASB put five people on our business. An ASB Franchise specialist helped with funding, and knew Foodstuffs. A transition manager made our move painless, and didn’t miss a single detail. And a team of three people manage all our on-going banking.”

We chose ASB because their team was so enthusiastic.

Why was ASB’s technology better?

“ASB has seven day settlement on EFTPOS transactions, which is huge. Weekends are our busiest days, but our old bank didn’t deposit our weekend takings until Monday night. Now our money goes in every day, even on holidays. It makes a huge difference to our cash position.”

“ASB’s online business banking is the best I’ve ever seen. It’s easy to use, and we can see our business and personal accounts on one screen. We can also control which accounts our staff can see, and what they can do. But the thing I like most is being able to approve payments on the mobile app. It’s so much easier than getting back to my desk.”

So was it a good move to choose ASB?

“Well, the two people on my accounts team have been here for 22 and 31 years. They’ve been through three owners, three banks and two accounting systems. They were nervous of moving banks again, but it was the easiest transition they’d seen. And they find ASB’s online banking better than anything they’ve used before.”

Now Ashley and Melanie are planning to upgrade their store’s exterior, branding, and refrigeration. Those are big projects with serious funding, but they’re confident ASB will be there to support them.

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