What’s new in FastNet Classic

24 January 2017 / Published in Your Money

FastNet Classic and the ASB Mobile app are continually changing to make it even easier to manage your money. Read up on the latest updates we’ve made and see what’s new.

Hide accounts

You can now choose to hide some accounts from your balances summary and transfers in FastNet Classic. This can be helpful to keep your savings out of sight, so you only see the accounts you use on a daily basis.

You can hide most Transaction and Savings accounts, as well as Investments and Managed funds. These will continue to display elsewhere in FastNet Classic and the ASB Mobile app.

To hide an account:

  1. Log in to FastNet Classic
  2. Open the ‘My Settings’ menu at the top right of the screen.
  3. Choose ‘Hide or Show Accounts’. This can also be done from the bottom of the balances page using the ‘Hide or Show Accounts’ button.
  4. Tick the accounts you would like to hide and click save

ASB login password reset

You can now reset your ASB login password for FastNet Classic and Online Sharetrading via the ASB Mobile app. If you’re logged into the ASB Mobile app, from the main menu, select “Settings”, then “Security” and then “Change Password” to start the easy process. 

If you’re not logged into the ASB Mobile app, at the login screen, navigate to the menu in the top left hand corner where you will see the option to “Reset ASB Login Password”.

If you can’t see the option to reset your ASB login password via the ASB Mobile app, give us a call on 0800 327 863 or if you are overseas, call + 64 9 306 3185.


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