Exceptional Services to Entrepreneurship

14 October 2016 / Published in Business

At ASB, we believe that success is rarely a giant leap into the unknown.

It’s the culmination of everyday wins that can lead to extraordinary triumphs. We are delighted to be celebrating the successes of a remarkable group of people, New Zealand’s top entrepreneurs, at the 2016 EY Entrepreneur Of The Year awards. 

Last night, we were proud to present Ted Manson ONZM with the award in the Exceptional Services to Entrepreneurship category. This award recognises an individual’s lifetime commitment to entrepreneurship. Ted is a well-known property magnate and long-time philanthropist who pioneered the country's development of environmentally sustainable Green Star rated buildings.

He was responsible for the first two buildings in Auckland to be certified by the New Zealand Green Building Council and has now developed and constructed 12 Green Star buildings with three more under construction at the moment. This is more certified Green Star buildings than any other private or publically-listed developer or construction company in New Zealand. In Auckland he has led more than $2 billion worth of property developments – most of which have been self-funded, and which have provided substantial employment over the past 42 years. His developments have resulted in the conversion of many derelict commercial and industrial sites into new office and apartment buildings, and retaining important heritage features whenever present. You may recognise many of the signature buildings developed by his company Mansons TCLM, including Shortland Street’s Lumley Centre, Spark corporate headquarters on Victoria St West and the newly opened luxury hotel on the Victoria Park Market carpark site.  Ted has always kept an eye on the future and this is reflected in his succession planning. All three of his sons (Culum, Luke and Mac) are very active in the Mansons TCLM business, and are all at the top of their game, each adopting a different and important role in the family company.

In addition, Ted has consistently supported a number of charities for health, children and sports, and in 2014 he established the Ted Manson Charitable Foundation with an initial commitment of $7.5 million, which is now focusing 90% of its time on Building Apartments for Social Housing.

Ted Manson, Exceptional Services to Entrepreneurship

Ted Manson, Exceptional Services to Entrepreneurship

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This is our fifth year as the principal sponsor of the prestigious EY Entrepreneur Of The Year programme in New Zealand. Our involvement reflects our long-held commitment to working with entrepreneurial companies, many of which have gone on to become true market leaders and household names. Supporting the communities in which we operate is a major part of ASB’s culture and we look forward to helping New Zealand’s fast growth, entrepreneurial organisations achieve success long into the future.

All the 2016 finalists and category winners are here.


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