The ASB Securities website has had an upgrade

21 July 2016 / Published in Tech & Innovation

Whether you’re an experienced trader or someone new to share trading, we’ve got important information for you.

Our ASB Securities website has moved to a new home. It’s got a new look, and like most new homes, it comes with new fancy gadgets.

What’s new

  • ASB Securities is now a part of the ASB website asb.co.nz - update your bookmark to asb.co.nz/asb-securities
  • Our crisp new design works seamlessly across desktops, smartphones and tablets for your on-the-go research needs.
  • The updated search function will help you quickly find the information you need to support your investment decisions.
  • Popular tools like quotes and markets have been revamped to make them clearer.
  • We’ve created a new library of guides and videos to help you with investing.

And this is just the start. We’ll be releasing more enhancements and updates over the next few months.


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