Kea can help you connect with global business experts

08 June 2016 / Published in Business

Kiwi designer label Juliette Hogan recently used the Kea service to expand into the USA market.

Getting advice from experts can be instrumental to your business’ success in times of change and growth. Collaborating with successful business contacts that have first-hand experience is especially beneficial when expanding into foreign markets. With over a million Kiwis living overseas, New Zealand businesses have endless connections available to them all over the world, but getting those introductions on your own can be difficult.

Kea Connect is a service that solves this problem, helping Kiwi businesses achieve their ambitions by connecting them with Kiwi business experts around the world.

The idea is that no Kiwi should ever have to make a cold call – instead you can rely on Kea’s extensive network of over 600,000 members.

Our partnership with Kea allows us to further our support of Kiwi businesses achieving their ambitions.

Earlier this year we announced our partnership with Kea which sees us support the entire Kea network, with particular focus on the Kea Connect service.

Kea Connect has been fundamental to the progression of many Kiwi businesses across an array of industries. Recently, Kiwi designer label Juliette Hogan benefited from the service. The brand is looking to expand into the USA and through Kea Connect was introduced to US-based stylist Emma Trask, who was able to give valuable advice on the Los Angeles fashion landscape.

Without the service offered by Kea, it can take a long time to make these types of connections. Kea quickens this process by matching Kiwi businesses with the right experts, depending on their needs.

We’re excited to have teamed up with Kea to launch the inaugural Kea Connect Live event, which gives business owners the opportunity to meet with successful business leaders. The event, taking place in June, is an in-person adaptation of the Kea Connect service.

If you’re a New Zealander looking to expand your business overseas, you can apply to the Kea Connect service.


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