Teaching kids what money is

04 February 2015 / Published in Your Money

We’re passionate about teaching Kiwi kids to become cash clever. The first thing kids need to know about money is what it actually is and what the different notes and coins are worth.

Here are our top tips for teaching kids what money is:

  • Explain that money comes in two types – paper notes and metal coins
  • Teach kids that notes are ‘big money’ and coins are ‘little money’ and work through with them how much each type of note and coin is worth
  • Show them examples of how many of certain coins add up to a particular note
  • Playing simple money games with your kids can help them understand differences in value and how cash adds up. Watch the video below for two fun and effective game ideas.
What is money? - GetWise
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Thanks to the ASB GetWise programme we’ve helped over 400,000 Kiwi kids become cash clever.


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