Ambition: Taking Kiwi campers to the world

04 November 2014 / Published in Business

You’ll see their green and purple campervans and rental cars up and down New Zealand, but if Jucy have their way you’ll see them across the globe.

The Kiwi rental company was founded in 2001, by brothers Tim and Dan Alpe.

The pair were always passionate about campervans, but initially the business focused on car rentals in the Auckland region, Jucy’s group financial controller Jonathan Duncan says.

“It kicked off from there. Once they cut their teeth with the cars they got into campers. The campers are New Zealand manufactured – which is very important to us. We’ve now got a fleet of close to 1,200 cars and 150 campers in New Zealand, 500 campers in Australia and 200 in the US, and we’re up to 230 staff globally.”

Because of that fast growth, Duncan says the biggest challenge they’ve faced is having enough capital free to make the most of opportunities.

“It’s about picking those golden eggs out there – what’s going to work, what’s not going to work and having the capital to take the opportunities you want to – that’s a challenge,” he says.

ASB has helped the company address this challenge, Duncan says.

“There’s been real enthusiasm from both parties about working together to achieve our goals. We’ve got great rapport – which gives us confidence in what we are trying to do.”

Take a look at Tim Alpe, Chief Jucyfier, talk about his ambition for the business and the plans for the future.

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Tim Alpe on Business Ambition and Success

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