Ambition: Being nimble in business

25 November 2014 / Published in Business

As the brainchild behind Graham Norton’s feet appearing in Kiwi wine maker Invivo’s sauvignon blanc campaign, Vaughn Davis is bursting with ideas. One of his most ambitious ideas was nearly 5 years ago, when he saw a business opportunity to embrace the blossoming social media landscape. The owner and creative director of agency The Goat Farm decided to take the plunge and leave the large advertising agency to set up on his own.

“I was in a big multinational ad agency and that kind of business was not nimble enough to do the sort of stuff I wanted to do, particularly social media. That was the catalyst for me.”

Turning the traditional agency model on its head, The Goat Farm has been an innovator in being nimble, and draws on a collection of experts to help with different clients and projects rather than the traditional employer/employee set up.

Watch the video to hear more about Vaughn’s business ambitions, challenges and the advantages small businesses have over larger multinational corporations. 

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Vaughn Davis on Business Ambition and Success

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