Experience the future of banking with the ASB Innovation Lab

16 September 2013 / Published in Tech & Innovation

ASB’s Innovation Lab is a brand new environment that experiments with the future of banking and will bring you along for the ride.

Located below our newly opened ASB North Wharf building, the Innovation Lab gives New Zealanders a chance to test and experience the latest technologies in a hands-on way.

Although our Innovation Lab contains a foreign exchange desk and can perform normal branch banking functions,  this is not a branch. There are no walls of paper brochures or long counters separating our staff from customers. It is a highly interactive environment designed from the ground up to be flexible and adaptive where we can trial many different technologies to determine the most effective innovations before we roll them out to our national branch network.

We encourage you to use the technology, give us feedback, and even contribute to ASB’s innovation roadmap by submitting ideas of your own through participating in an interactive survey in the Lab.

Gesture-based, interactive 103-inch screens give you the chance to explore the future of in-branch display technology. The screens are operated by Microsoft Kinect motion sensors allowing you to  navigate through information, real-time rates and videos using only gestures, without touching the screen.

Touch-enabled, wall and table-mounted interactive surfaces enable you to explore a completely different way to interact with ASB specialists as opposed to the traditional behind-the-counter model.

You can browse brochures, current rates and lending calculators using the touch displays and email them to yourself leading to a new sense of paper independence. Information available covers everything from KiwiSaver, banking accounts, credit cards to ASB’s history of innovation and the new North Wharf building.

The Innovation Lab contains a state-of-the-art, touch-enabled ATM prototype, the only one of its type installed in the Southern Hemisphere. This technology was built from the ground up by NCR with particular focus on the customer experience. Typically ATMs offer only one platform, but the NCR ATM gives us the opportunity to explore other platform options right from the ATM screen, such as FastNet internet banking.

Such possibilities will allow us to explore the transformation of branch-based banking in conjunction with our customers and to meet the increasing demand for consistent, multi-channel experiences across multiple platforms.

The ASB Innovation Lab gives you the chance to explore how you would like the future of banking to look.

Come in and let us know what you think 9:00am to 4:30pm Monday to Friday.

ASB Innovation Lab
12 Jellicoe Street
Auckland Central


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