Do more with your statements in Document Centre

17 June 2013 / Published in Tech & Innovation

Document Centre is a central place to access bank documents related to your accounts with ASB, meaning less paper and having key information easily available. And to make it easy to access we've built it right in to the FastNet Classic menu.

With ASB’s Document Centre you can instantly view your bank and credit card statements online as they become available. If you’re looking for something a little older you can also use the handy search feature to sift through your statements from the previous 24 months.

Viewing your statements online is also a much more secure way of reviewing your accounts, as they are protected by the full strength of ASB’s FastNet Classic security. And if you really need a physical copy, you can download your statements and save them as PDFs for emailing or printing.

So in summary, Document Centre in FastNet Classic is an efficient way to keep track of your statements, save paper and cut down on clutter, making it easier for you to review your accounts and be successful with your money. We’re confident you’ll find it handy as well, so we’ve made it easy for you to stop your old paper statements and view them online instead, whenever you need them. No more having to wait for the paper copy to be delivered to your home.

Simply click on ‘Statement Stopper’ within Accounts and tick ‘Online Statement’. Then click ‘Next’ to turn on our Statement Stopper service. This will stop paper statements being delivered to you. If at some point in the future you’d like to turn Statement Stopper off and receive paper statements again, simply untick ‘Online Statement’ and click ‘Next’. It’s that easy!

You can find Document Centre on the main menu in FastNet Classic.

Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view the documents and can be downloaded here for free.


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