Branch Spotlight: Willis Street

22 March 2013 / Published in Your Community

Welcome to the first of our Branch Spotlight series. Throughout the year we will be highlighting a different location from within our national network of over 140 branches. We'll be visiting a new location each month so you'll be able to see how ASB celebrates success in your neighbourhood.

This month we are in the capital to speak to Daniel Warsaw, manager of our Willis Street branch in central Wellington, who shares ASB's commitment to technology and innovation in banking.

Tell us a bit about your time at ASB Willis Street?

"I’ve been the Branch Manager since the branch opened in September 2012. I have also just taken on the additional role of the Manager of ASB’s new Wellington Premium Banking Centre which is based within ASB Willis Street. This is an exciting new offering for our Premium Clients in Wellington."

Has the branch changed much over the past few years? If so how?

"The branch was previously located around the corner on Manners Street. In September 2011 we moved to our Willis Street location, which encompasses all the exciting new banking technology ASB now offers to our customers in a wonderful open plan environment. Our customers and staff love the new style branch. Willis Street itself has been transformed over recent years, with a range of exciting new shops and cafes opening. 10 years ago it was a bit of a dowdy area, but it’s now a really exciting part of Wellington. It’s wonderful to have one of our two Wellington CBD branches located right in the middle of this vibrant area."

How does your branch celebrate success?

"Celebrating success is an integral part of what makes ASB great, and we do it in style at Willis Street. In particular we start and end the week by celebrating. For example we all get together on a Friday afternoon after the branch closes and everyone nominates their colleagues for any magic moments they have observed over the week. The person with the most nominations is our 'Star of the Week', and also receives a huge block of chocolate and of course the requisite high fives all round! It’s a lot of fun and a great way to head off to enjoy the weekend."

Have you noticed any major changes in how your customers bank over the years?

"More and more customers are choosing to do their daily banking themselves. The technology we provide really helps enable this, through specialised ATMs and self-serve coin counters in branch, to the internet kiosks and our amazing mobile apps. This means that more of the customers we see in branch have more complex requirements. The line-up of tellers doing solely deposits and withdrawals all day have gone, and our Customer Service team are now far more skilled to help with the more complex requirements."

What’s the most unusual customer request you’ve ever had?

"Being in the CBD we do have some characters that come in from time to time. We once had someone who came in wanting a loan to buy a piece of outer space!"

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