Need help saving money? Here are our top tips

05 December 2012 / Published in Your Money

We all wish we were a little better at saving money and a little more controlled when it comes to spending money. As if ASB's Save the Change didn't make saving easy enough already we've put together a few little tips that can add up to big savings over the long run.

  • Try shopping around before buying that new winter jacket you've been eying up, if you pick it up during the summer months not only will you be ready to go when the days get colder but you'll have saved a pretty penny buying off-season.
  • Taking your lunch to work during the week seems like such a small change but with an average lunch costing around $10 you're saving yourself $50 per week.
  • If you can walk or use public transport instead of driving not only will you increase your fitness but you can save big on petrol and parking costs.
  • This one's related to the last tip: invest in a travel card. If you invest in a public transport card such as an AT HOP card or a Snapper card you can save at least 10% on cash fares. It also makes using public transport much quicker and easier.
  • Try running to the gym. You'll get your cardio out of the way and save on petrol and parking, adding up to big savings in the long run.
  • Keep a water bottle with you so you won't be tempted to buy a drink during the day, it's simple and most places will refill your bottle for free.
  • Keep an eye on your phone and internet bills, if you find you're not using all of your data, text or call allowance consider switching to a cheaper plan with less of an allowance. Talk to your provider to find the plan that best suits your lifestyle.

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