ASB Bank MAGS Farm

Creating a world class industry experience to bridge the urban-rural divide and encourage more Kiwi kids to choose a career in New Zealand's agricultural sector.

Benefits at a glance

  • Attract young people to a career in agriculture
  • Development of a world class teaching facility and experience centre that showcases the best of New Zealand agriculture
  • Reshape the perception of agriculture within urban New Zealand
  • An investment in the future of New Zealand agriculture
  • Tell the story of New Zealand's primary products throughout the full agri value chain

What is the ASB Bank MAGS Farm?

The ASB Bank MAGS Farm is an 8.1 hectare block of land running adjacent to Mt Albert Grammar School in the heart of Auckland. ASB lease the farm to Mount Albert Grammar School to run their agricultural course.

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Farm history

The ASB Bank MAGS Farm was originally established in 1932, requiring the passing of special legislation to allow the Auckland Savings Bank to buy the land from the Kerr-Taylor sisters and then lease it back to the school. The future of the 8.1 hectare model farm alongside MAGS has been secured with a new long term lease agreement that concluded in 2013 between ASB Bank and the Mount Albert Grammar School Board of Trustees. Under the terms of the agreement, ASB will continue to lease the land to the school for an effective 99 year term with a nominal annual rent of one dollar.

Proposed development

Located in the heart of Auckland, the development of the ASB Bank MAGS Farm will create a world-class teaching facility and experience centre that demonstrates the innovation, science and environmental best practices used on farms across New Zealand. It will also be the driver for substantially increasing the number of MAGS students studying agriculture from the current 160.

Why is it important?

As at June 2015, the primary sector contributed greatly to the $65 billion in export earnings to New Zealand's overall GDP. To continue such growth - and to achieve the Government's Growth Target Agenda - more New Zealanders need to see agriculture as a viable career option. Because of the current shortfall of people working in the agricultural industry, projects such as the ASB Bank MAGS Farm are essential to help educate and attract young people to New Zealand's primary sector.

Register your interest

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