ASB Recommended travel insurance

This is the highest level of travel insurance we offer for you, your family or for a group. If you're travelling overseas, and require comprehensive cover, then this is the policy for you.

Benefits at a glance

  • Access to a wide range of cover - from lost luggage to cancelled flights and medical emergencies
  • Unlimited cover for hospitalisation and medical care
  • Get cover for just you, you and your family or for a group
  • Complimentary 24-hour emergency helpline for medical advice and information anywhere in the world
  • No excess to pay

Is it right for me?

Recommended Cover travel insurance could be the ideal option if you want extra peace of mind. This is the only option we offer that provides cover for the USA.

Key features

Recommended cover includes a wide range of benefits. Here are some examples, however for full details please read the policy document.

  • Choice of destination. To provide the best value dependent on your destination, we offer Australia and South Pacific as well as worldwide cover
  • Unlimited cover for medical and related expenses (if you, your family or your group have any pre-existing medical conditions or are pregnant see other important things to consider
  • Unlimited cover for any loss of deposit, cancellation and return travel
  • Unlimited cover for any travel delay or missed connections

You are also covered for the following:

  • Lost or stolen personal baggage and effects (with option to increase cover for high value items)
  • Rental vehicle insurance excess
  • Accidental death and permanent disablement
  • Loss of money and travel documents
  • Liability protection

Other important things to consider

Pre-existing conditions – if you have a pre-existing medical condition, it won’t be automatically covered. If you’d like it to be covered, you’ll need to contact Tower Insurance, the underwriter of our travel insurance, on 0800 822 135.

Pregnancy – you won’t be covered for any pregnancy-related conditions that are known to exist when you take out the policy. If you are pregnant, you’ll be covered for the reasonable costs incurred for emergency treatment for extraordinary medical complications occurring in the first 20 weeks of your pregnancy.

Forgotten or mislaid items – there is no cover for any personal items, money or documents that have been mislaid or forgotten. For example, if they are left on transport or in a hotel room or other accommodation.

No age limit there isn’t an age limit, however, a surcharge is added to your premium from 70 years plus.

Eligibility cover is available to New Zealand citizens, permanent residents or those with a work permit valid in New Zealand for two years or more.


This is intended as a brief summary only. There are a number of exclusions which apply to this policy, so please see the policy document for details.

Which company underwrites this policy?

ASB has chosen Tower to underwrite our travel insurance. This means they'll answer your policy questions and be on-hand to help if you call the emergency hotline or make a claim. View Tower Insurance Limited's financial strength rating.

From 1 April 2018, Cigna Life Insurance New Zealand Limited will become the underwriter of ASB Visa Gold and ASB Visa Platinum Rewards Credit Card Travel Insurance. For further information on the changes, please refer to the 'Important information you need to know' section here. For full details, refer to the relevant travel insurance policy document.

Get started today

01. Choose

Based on your budget and destination, choose the cover you need. Remember, if you have an ASB Platinum credit card, you may be able to access travel insurance.

02. Understand

It’s important to read and understand the policy document. There may be things you are not covered for, such as a pre-existing medical condition or valuable items not specified on your policy.

03. Apply

Call 0800 925 566 or visit any ASB branch to get started. If you are eligible for travel insurance with your ASB credit card, remember to make sure you've met the activation requirements.

04. Relax

Enjoy your holiday, knowing you’ve got the travel insurance that’s right for you. Remember to keep the following claims helpline numbers handy: 0800 800 477 and +64 9 985 5000 (outside NZ).

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ASB Travel Insurance is underwritten by Tower Insurance Limited. For full details, refer to the relevant travel insurance policy document which is also available on request from any ASB branch or by calling 0800 200 252. The availability of insurance cover is subject to your application being approved. Exclusions apply. See further information regarding Tower's financial strength rating.

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